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Opera Desktop edition not able to render Native Language Fonts!

  • Hello There!

    Iam using the latest version of the Opera Desktop edition on my Win 8, 64-Bit OS. Since yesterday, Iam encountering the issue of an Unsuccessful Native Language Font rendering by Opera. As a consequence, Iam neither able to see anything (other than a spree of Square Boxes) in my Native language- Hindi, for the content published on the websites; neither Iam able to write anything on Mail in Hindi using the Opera Web Browser. What I get everytime are a deluge of "Square Boxes" upon writing anything in Hindi. Everything was fine before yesterday. I have tried its Un-installation & an afresh Installation, but this couldn't make any change! I have already checked Page>>>Encoding>>>UTF-8 & it appears fine. Therefore, please help me. Lastly, this issue is Browser specific as Iam able to accomplish everything in the stated context with IE, Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox. Help will be sincerely appreciated. Thank you.

  • Hello Guys! Help is awaited. Please UPDATE the status against this very post at the earliest possible duration of time. If something appears incomprehensible or ambiguous, you are always most welcome to clarify.

    Waiting.....Waiting....Waiting.... 🙂

  • What's your version of Opera now?
    Been an upgrade recently?

  • Hello joshl! Excuse me for the delayed response.

    Here goes the details you want me to share with :-

    Version: 29.0.1795.47 - Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 8 64-bit (WoW64)

    Worth to note, that Miscellaneous Browsers on my Machine such as FF, IE, Chrome are having no issues at all with the Native language font rendering. Its only my (now) Ex. Default Browser--Opera which is continuously showing up SQUARE BOXES in place of our Native language fonts. English & Arabic scripts are appearing fine too.

    Help will be sincerely appreciated. Thank you. 🙂

  • Hello Joshl! Would like to Update that under Settings>>Websites>>Fonts & encoding, following settings have been revealed::::

    Standard Font----Times New Roman----Size>20.

    Serif Font----Times New Roman----Size>20.

    Sans-Serif Font----Arial----Size>20.

    Fixed Width Font----Consolas---Size>Nothing is showing up.

    Minimum Font Size----18.


  • Try Lucida.
    And the last one seems not common - you might try checking something else instead.

    For one, some time ago I found some fonts render more characters than others. For example, first good one I tried was Deja Vu - pretty neat.

  • Hello Joshl!

    Your Reply appears ambiguous. For which of the Serial No. should I try for Lucida? Please be specific if I need to alter any of the listed options. Thank you.

  • You can change ANY of them. But you know what? You could experiment in an office document (offline) first - that's where I found appropriate fonts. Or even in an RTF - this type of text file allows for font styling.

    For which of the Serial No. should I try for Lucida?

    The first two. Times is a serif anyway - I don't think they're better on screen than sans ones.

  • Serif Font----Times New Roman----Size>20.

    Ah, I see...

    Well, on that, you could experiment first - as I said.

  • You could experiment in an office document (offline) first - that's where I found appropriate fonts.

    Just checked it myself - all available serifs seem o'k for Hindi, including Times. Maybe your problem is not about that...

  • So Joshl, Please tell me on what to do next!? I tried changing the first 2 categories to Lucida Sans Unicode, but that couldn't make any difference!? Secondly, I have already stated that Iam also done with "Uninstallation" & an afresh "Reinstallation" of Opera Desktop Web Browser, & even that couldn't fix the problem!?

    In the recent days, I have remained involved in downloading & installing a lots & lots of Native Language fonts for my System, you think in way that could make a kind of any Permanent much so to an extent that even an afresh Installation of Opera is not able to solve the problem still..!?

    Where should I hunt down for the root cause? Please suggest.

  • If you set Opera to use the same fonts as Chrome or FF, does it help?

    As it started to happen kinda suddenly, do you remember anything different that happened and may have caused your problem? Any crashes, updates, changes, whatever?

  • Hello leocg, I would like to quote that all the Fonts when made to set similar to the ones showing up under Google Chrome, the problem persists still! Although, Google Chrome were showing up Encoding as Western (ISO-8859-1), Opera do not lists the same exactly, but the nearest entry corresponding to the already listed goes as Western (ISO-8859-15)!

    Please guide further. Please suggest on Why even an Uninstallation & Re-installation couldn't fix the problem still?

  • Hello Folks! The rest of the Web Browsers on my machine which are able to successfully portray Indic scripts on the Web pages are also successfully able to portray the Encoding Value set to --- Western (ISO-8859-1). I wonder, why doesn't Opera have any such option amongst the list of Encoding options? Please Guide further in this context. Help will be sincerely appreciated. Thank you. 🙂

  • Respected Folks!

    Please "Wake up" from the slumber state, & help furnish a Latest Update in the relevant context. Native Language Fonts are still able to render only a spree of Square Boxes in place of the Indic Language scripts. In spite of Updating the Browser to its very latest release this Morning, Encoding of Western (ISO-8859-1) is still not getting evident in the list of applicable options for Encoding a Web page!?

    Nevertheless, Please Update....

  • ISO-8859-1 is present in my list of encoding options for Opera.