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Opera 2x version - would like to like it, but... :/

  • So, i'm a die hard 12.17 user. I have tried Opera 2x versions a couple of times and always fell back to 12.17. Today i installed the latest version 29. I spend many hours setting it up and installing add-ons. First of all, i'm not able to import password from 12 to 29, neither can i save one with build-in manager (for some reason saved passwords are not saved), so i tried a few password managing solutions. But having several passwords, using a PW manager is no that convinient. I found an add-on 'Local pass store'. It's a nice extension, but again, having passwors for many sites, i would need to go through all of them and save them to this extension. Another thing i don't like that much in new Opera is bookmarks and managing them. It's much better handled in Opera 12.17. Also download managing is pretty poor. I would like the download dialog window back. With Opera 29, i need to install whole lotta add-ons and 3party apps (PW and DL manager) to make it useable.

    I really really would like to like Opera 29, but it's just not that good and useable. But since 12.17 is getting to be quite out-dated and non-functional on some sites, i kinda would need to move on. If it's not Opera, it's some other browser. I think Opera 12.17 is just perfect, but like i said, it's getting obsolete, which is a shame.

  • I'm in the same position, but it did let me bbring across passwords from O12 (I installed 29 last night). If you go to login pages it usually has the passwords filled in and you just pressed login - there is no 'key' icon and ctrl-enter doesn't work
    The speed dial and search settings are what's causing me problems at the moment!

  • Still a die hard user of 12.17 here, the only feature left for me to switch would be a drop down address bar.

    Since I have a arm injury I dont like using shortcuts so will remain on 12.17 or switch to another browser.. im liking portable firefox at the moment.

  • Could you describe more fully what you mean by a drop down address bar?

  • Maybe he misses ability to open address-bar dropdown using mouse only?