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Opera 29 - update check takes forever

  • Hello,

    Recently I have encountered a problem that occurs in the latest Opera 29.0.1795.47 only on one of my computers (Windows XP). The update check on opera://about takes forever or shows a message "An error occurred while checking for updates". I tried completely uninstalling Opera 29 (and 12.17, as I have both) and this issue still persist. Also when I try to download Opera from developers' site it downloads version 28 which always tells me that I have the latest version and doesn't auto-update.
    Thanks in advance for help.

  • Interesting, the update check doesn't work for me on Opera Developer 30, although it did work on Opera Developer 29!
    I filed it as a bug, but no resolution as yet.
    I'm also using it on Windows XP, but I don't know if that's relevant or not.

  • Thanks for the reply, I thought that it may be somehow connected to computers with XP OS. There is another thing in the latest version of Opera. My Extnesion Manager is named Bookmark Manager (I'm using Opera with Polish language).

  • Reported this as a bug. davehawley, do You have Opera 29 Stable on Windows XP ? Because You mentioned this issue in Opera Developer, which I find probable as it is still experimental edition. What is bothering me is that why does this checking update error happen in Stable edition?

  • I reported it as a bug in Opera Developer 30, it worked for me in Developer 29.
    Why it shouldn't work on 29 Stable is a bit of a mystery!
    I don't have Stable 29 installed, only the latest Developer 30.

  • Hi,
    I also keep getting the same message when trying to install an update from Opera and keeps popping on my screen 'Please click yes or no to update Opera' and when I click 'Yes' it then does something and then I get

    "An error occurred while checking for updates" 'close' and then pop up again when I reload Opera.

    I am using windows 8.1 and need a resolution for this as I may need to remove Opera completely and revert back to IE or another Platform, this has been ongoing for sometime and getting rather tedious now. I have uninstalled Opera and reinstalled again and this has no effect, in fact it messes my programs up and I have to go back to settings so I can then then see clips and films as this comes up as cookies and Java issues.
    any help and solutions would be appreciated and thank you in advance for any help.

  • Oh,
    this is what I am using if this helps:-
    Version: 28.0.1750.48 - Restart Opera to update to version 28.0.1750.51 Update stream: Stable System: Windows 8.1 64-bit (WoW64)

  • Thanks for the answers, I hope that the next update will fix this as I don't know how to solve this issue 😞 .

  • You can't solve this issue currently - opera_autoupdater.exe is linked to one windows kernel function, which is not present in XP (and windows can't run updater exe this way). I too hope that opera dev team will fix this issue in future 🙂

  • Thanks, didn't know it 🙂

  • That's not the cause of the problem on my system.
    It's a standalone "USB" install and opera_autoupdater.exe does not exist on my system at all, and never has.

  • Pretty interesting,
    Thanks guys, may need to get another Browser as I cant have this on a pop up any longer, its driving me mad, or madder lol

  • Does anyone have some kind of update on this situation ?

  • There is an entry in the changelog of Opera developer 31 that may be related:

    DNA-37933 Auto-updater crashes on Windows XP

  • I can confirm that it's fixed for me in the latest update today to developer 31.0.1857.0.

  • why do you people keep expecting miracles when using an EOL OS like XP just upgrade to windows 8.1 already is there some specific reason you absolutely need to run an EOL OS

  • Probably because their PCs are old enough to vote in the upcoming elections.

  • actually 8.1 will run quite happily on any win XP box that has reasonable specs ie: intel P4 2.06GHz and 1GB of ram it's just not as piggy as vista or 7 (Vista being the most piggy of the two)

  • Whether people should still be running obsolete operating systems or not is irrelevant.
    The fact is that Opera still state that they support Windows XP, and that being the case, Opera should work properly with it.
    There are still a massive number of PCs in the world running XP, whether Microsoft or anyone else like it or not!

  • The fact is that Opera still state that they support Windows XP

    Just remembering that Opera only suports XP SP3 and newer.