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Why is Opera 28 & 29 detected as a mobile version on some sites?

  • I checked the forum to see whether this issue has been addressed but did not see it as a topic.

    The issue is similar to what occurs with IE 8 on some sites if "Creative Software AutoUpdate" is enabled on a machine. However, the discussion did not apply to the new Opera browser or provide any other leads.

    The message that is displayed on one site is "We detected a mobile device and are displaying a homepage optimized for you!" which is not correct since I am using a desktop Windows 7 machine connected directly to a cable modem. The message does not appear with Opera 12 or other browsers. However, Opera 12 is useless for viewing any images hosted by Photobucket that are used on the site so at this time I have a choice. Use Opera 12 and not see a lot of images, or use Opera 29 and not be able to use a layout I prefer since the site puts me in the layout for mobile devices.

    I have disabled the yahoo update and removed the proxy setting that is automatically checked during installation of Opera 29 but neither resolved the issue.

    Have ran malware and antivirus scans which reported my desktop and laptop clean. There was a hijacker that would change my homepage from ixquick to yahoo in Firefox on my desktop, but that was totally resolved and cleared.

    I am open to suggestions and any ideas so please do not be hesitate to suggest or discuss.

    Thank you

  • This is commonly caused buy some extensions. Try visiting the site in a private window. If that fixes it than its caused by one of your extensions.

  • Drat! Was really hoping that might be it.

    Tried a private window and "We detected a mobile device and are displaying a homepage optimized for you!" was still displayed. Also, have no extensions installed in version 29.

    Regardless, thank you for the suggestion.

  • You need to contact the sites as they are probably doing browser sniffing.