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Stop changing the browser interface !!!

  • How much can you !? Only start to get used to the new interface, the developers change it ... Stop !!!

  • What are you referring to? Bookmarks manager? Speed dial?

  • Fuck speeddial looks like a hospital, fix it back to previous 28 !!

    Get rid of that sickest white color in speedial!!

  • Completely agree with wolfghost. Speeddial looks awful.

  • I completely agree with wolfghost. Making the title bar and the group backgrounds white overwhelms the page with white. It DOES look like a hospital. Ugly and visually offensive with no options to modify the dials and escape this whiteout. Even with the new browser's shortcomings, at least it had some visual style and cool... until now. Looking at this speed dial page all day will not be possible.

  • I'm confused as to the version you like. The speed dial with the thumbnails? I'm using Opera 28 and I think it -- the speed dial with thumbnails -- looks great. And it was the primary speed dial version for many renditions after the introduction of Opera Blink. Delighted that it's the default version in Opera 28. Does that change in Opera 29. I sincerely hope not.

    But in terms of preferences, to each, his own, and you can still have the other version. See this thread.

  • Completely agree, especially when they make changes for the worse so often. Not to mention they decide to 'fix' things that are working perfectly well and ignore things still broken since they dumped v12 presto and started doing chrome mods.

  • I do wish you would stop changing Opera. "Don't fix what aint broke".
    I don't like the latest changes to Opera. When I save a page in my speed dial it now only shows a blue square with the website address on it. I liked the idea of having the exact image of the page I was trying to save not just a web address. When I look at my speed dial I like to see all the different images of the individual pages of a website that I have saved. Not just blank squares with only the web address - boring. Please put it back the way it was?

  • @skulldent

    I agree with you. However, I'm seeing the image of the page -- the thumbnail. If I weren't seeing that, I'd give up on the speed dial.

  • I never use the speed dial. Its easier just to place links on the bookmarks tool-bar, more efficient and faster 🙂

  • When I look at my speed dial I like to see all the different images of the individual pages of a website that I have saved. Not just blank squares with only the web address - boring. Please put it back the way it was?

    @skulldent You can have it both ways in Opera 29. If you want a thumbnail you can have it. If you want a the colored box with the address you can have that too. You just have to set it the way you want in when you make the entry. You can also change it after the fact from the same pop up.

  • I can't see where or how I can change it. Please explain it to me?

  • When using Opera 29 or above go to the website that you wish to change the icon of. Click the Heart icon to the right of the address bar (make sure its red). Use the left and right arrow keys to cycle through the selection of images you can use as an icon.

  • I initially didn't understand what Opera was doing, but, @lando242, I see now how Opera has given options for everyone on how to have the icon or, if you chose, thumbnail show. That's pretty good. Thanks for your clarifying comment.

  • It might not suit everybody but I cherry-pick a couple of Chrome extensions to make my Opera experience better for me. I use 'Speed Dial 2' with 'Configure New Tab & Start Page' and 'Neater Bookmarks' and I'm a happy camper. If you don't have it already you will need the Opera extension 'Download Chrome Extension'.

  • Opera 29.0 - AGAIN the thumbnails in the speeddial are ugly giant blocks! Why the hell? And why there is no way to change their size?

    Why Opera is punishing its users? 💣

  • why there is no way to change their size?

    But there is a way. Its the same on the speed dial page as it is on any other page. Zoom. Why do you act like this is some unknowable secret thing?

  • The zoom setting is even being saved when you close and open the browser.

  • I had enough. I have spend all evening to use a version of Opera I use at work. Opera 27 without the fu..... gray bar at the bottom. Even when I have told the Opera 27 not look for updates, it installs Opera 29. What a fu.... are the developers thinking about?? It should not force a version that users do not want to use.

    Sorry Opera.

    I'm ditching this browser and start using Firefox instead. After all these years using Opera, I had enough crap from his company.

    Why change a winning team?????

    That's all folks. Seeing you in he...