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  • For email purposes, is there any reason to use one over the other?

  • Not really.

  • They are exactly the same thing AFAIK, Opera Mail is just the mail section of the Opera 12 browser ported to a standalone application.

  • Opera 12.17 was released as a security update over 12.16 in April 2014, while Opera Mail 1.0 has not been updated since June 2013. May I assume that it was it not affected by those vulnerabilities?

  • May I assume that it was it not affected by those vulnerabilities?

    As only the installer and the autoupdater seemed to be affected, i guess so. However i can't say for sure and you need to take in cosideration that Opera Mail is no longer being developed.

  • Opera (the real one, based on Presto) > Opera Mail 1.0.

    Opera Mail 1.0 is a less functional than Opera.

  • With Opera 12, if you want links in messages to open in the default browser on the system, you need to goto "Alt + P -> advanced -> programs", add the http and https protocols and configure them. The downside to this is that whenever Opera passes the link to the default browser, it'll create a blank tab. Also, for newsfeed messages with iframes in them, Opera will pass the link to the default browser instead of loading the page inline in the body of the message. Also, you might (I forget) not be able to navigate to http/https feed pages to subscribe to feeds and will instead have to go to "manage feeds" and add the feed manually. You might also then have to resort to viewing the source of the page to get the feed url to subscribe to as the icon in the address field might not work correctly.

    You'll also won't be able to view http/https webpages that have toolbar button links on them so you can easily add buttons to Opera.

    The upside of the standalone Opera Mail is that it will open links in the default browser automatically without the blank tab bug and without the newsfeed iframe problem. The downside of Opera Mail is there's no opera:config and most of the preferences are missing from the preferences UI. Also, some of them are broken. There's also UI missing for master passwords and certs etc. You can get some of that back with creating buttons, but some cert stuff still doesn't work. You can get opera:config back by doing this.

    Opera Mail doesn't set itself as the default mail client on Windows. You have to do this to work around it.

    Opera Mail 1.0 is also incomplete and buggy (due to trying to hide/disable/break all the browser-only stuff). Opera 12.x is not.

    In Opera mail, if you want to add toolbar buttons, you either have to edit files or send yourself an opera:// button link and then click on it in the received message. Of course, if you configure Opera 12.x http and https, you have to do the same.

    For me though, I chose to use Opera Mail 1.0 or Opera 12.x, just to avoid the issues of opening links in the default browser.