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Opera is constantly messing up my speed dial folders

  • I love Opera for Android but one bug keeps annoying me. I have my speed dials nicely organized into folders. However, whenever I'm logged in to the syncing function it keeps messing up my speed dial folders, creating duplicate entries and moving bookmarks between the folders. It's as if there is some not functioning speed dial sync function that's ongoing as it only happens when I'm logged in to opera sync. I thought speed dial sync was not supported yet?

    It's the official version of opera and not the beta.
    What's going on?

  • That's a very good question! To be honest that should not be possible as you are saying there's no speeddial sync support in the current GP version. I'll ask our QA to look into it though. If you have any more specific clues on how to make it reproduce then we'd be very grateful.

  • i had the same problem.. one of the spid dial is bad so it makes duplacate and reorder folders .. discover wich one is and dont put it in folder with others.. with the newest version i didnt notice that problem

  • Just got a reply from one of the engineers working on this and there was already a known bug report on this (sorry I missed it). Speed dial sync was already enabled behind the scenes, but not cross device. The situation should be improved in Opera 29 which will be released very soon. Thanks for the reports.

  • Just got a reply from one of the engineers working on this and there was already a known bug report on this (sorry I missed it). Speed dial sync was already enabled behind the scenes, but not cross device. The situation should be improved in Opera 29 which will be released very soon. Thanks for the reports.

    Speed dial sync not support cross device ?

  • @bigbighill Thats what the man said. Do you feel that's something in error?

  • Ok, that explains it.. Just what I thought, it was something to do with speed dial sync.

    Thanks for the answer. Looking forward to the new version soon, so I can enable sync again.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Sorry to say, but it is the same situation with the new Opera 29 released the other day!
    It's still messing up my speed dial folders.

    I have to keep Opera sync turned off to avoid it.

  • stefanb222 I'm sorry to hear that. We're hard at work with speed dial sync and hope to have it ready really soon. If we can manage to reproduce your issue before then we will adress it.

  • If it's any help, here's some more details about the fault.

    Phones are both Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy s6 edge (same problem on both). Both running Android Lollipop.

    I have around total 25 speed dials organised in 6 folders.

    To reproduce it's just to log in to Opera sync and then normal use of Opera. Starting, browsing and then closing on both phones. With normal use, within a day or two, suddenly the speed dial folders are all messed up like I described earlier. It's pretty consistent. It's just a matter of time when it happens.

    Hope it helps

  • Thanks for the info. I've passed it along to the right people. Let's hope they can manage to reproduce it.

  • @stefanb222

    re: speed dial folders being messed up

    Are the folders themselves messed up or is it only the content of the folders? Or the other way around? or both?

    Is any other device connected like, the Opera for desktop or iOS?

    We're grateful for any feedback

  • Hi,the amount of speed dial folders stay constant. It's the content of them that gets messed up. It moves bookmarks between folders and also duplicating them into several folders. It seems completely random how they are moved or duplicated.

    And I'm logged in to several Android devices, but no desktop or iOS.


  • i can tell you for sure it only happens when you are log in to Opera account on more device.

    i dont beleve that is randomly

    it doesn't duplicate or mix the single off folder dials just the ones that are in some folder

    example in folder 1 gmail g+ folder 2 youtube Facebook twitter.. after OFF ON both folders are with all five dials

    imagen the chaos if you have 5 folder with 4 dials after Off On
    5 x 4 = 5 folder with same 20 dials

    i hope you understand now im not trolling

  • im sure that device is not important
    but i dont know how the synchronisation is working when you have opera and opera beta on one device like me now.. wich of them is priority to syncronise with other device ..

    the first folder stays the same with the same number of dials .. the other ones are mixing and reorder i watch folder two go right and folder 3 go left.. and both now are with more duplicate dilas from other folders

    is good that i can remove whole folder because now all folders are duplicate with many dials just the number one folder is same

  • @stefanb222 and @mele1986 thank for the feedback, with your help I actually managed to recreate the issue, weird thing is that the speeddials issue should not reproduce, since we are not syncing speed dials (yet), but the data on device becomes corrupted/mixed up during sync operation nevertheless. Now we have repro steps and we will be able to resolve this soon.

    End result (what i've seen so far) seems like second and last folders get SDs copied over to each other and that the folders swicth place, really weird and unforeseen. I tried 4 folders and will continue testing with larger test data (i.e. more folders)

    However, I did not manage to get any corruption in my bookmarks folders. How did you manage that, any specific steps?

  • Great that you managed to reproduce it. 🙂 .

    Åt least for me I never got any corruption in the bookmarks folder. Only inside the speed dial folders. Sorry if it sounded like that.

    Looking forward to the correction so I can finally enable sync.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Hi, I have the same problem is really annoying, actually I have opera 29, there is a solution?, second time that use sync and tabs&bookmarks sync works fantastic but all my folders in speed dial where untidy. I use speed dial more than bookmarks.

  • it was my pleasure to help and this is one very big bug so i was concern.. luckily this only happens with singed account so many users dont have this problem
    i dont know do you have people for testing .. much of the bugs was discovered and reported from me for free 😕 lol
    but i love Opera and im using it many many years on all devices so think on me when you want to hire people for testing and consulting 😉

  • Thanks to everyone that chipped in and helped us identify this issue! @mele1986 keep an eye out at our jobs pages 😉