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M2 Lable Propertities how to focus to the Rules tab & Option tab ?

  • On the keyboard you would actually use the Ctrl-Tab key to switch tabs in the dialog, so it has to be "Cycle to next page" - strange as that may sound.

  • Thank you !

    If I am go place the check mark ( tick ) onto those options at each of these cycle page.

    What would be the Opera inetrnal command I should use please ?

    Thank you very much.

  • FOUND !!

    Focus next radio widget


    Focus previous radio widget

    Thank you very much.

  • Sorry, but I do: focus next radio widget & delay, 200 select............

    It does not check mark the radio.........

    Any suggestions ?

    ( and what is command on deselect & checked mark on the radio which has checked mark from default )

  • Select what?

    Try using "Click button".

  • Thanks.

    I want to check mark some of the radio in those 3 tabs when open label properties.

    in the middle tab, the last radio were checked by default. what is command to have this un-check?

    thank you very much.

  • If it is a radio button, you don't have to clear it - the definition of a radio button is that only one option in a group can be selected at a time. If it is not a radio button - if it is a simple checkbox - then "Click button" should toggle between off and on.

  • Thanks,

    in M2 label properties, the middle page saying options., there are check boxes of :

    Hide these message from other views

    Mark matching message as read

    Learn from labeled messages

    Apply rules only to new message,

    I can't seems to work out if I am to set like:

    = Edit properties & delay, 900 & Cycle to next page & delay, 500 & focus next radio widget & delay, 100 & focus next radio widget & Delay, 200 & Click button

    It clicks only to the 1st item of 'Hide these message from other views' no matter how many 'Focus next radio widget' I set on the command.

    I want at least I can un-check the last item which is default by Opera is always 'checked'. The item of Apply rules only to new message.

    Thank you very much.

  • The Tab button on the keyboard doesn't go through those items, so of course Focus next radio widget does not either. On the keyboard, you use the cursor keys to move within a radio button group. So try "Next item" or "Previous item" (to go backwards).

  • FOUND ! ( and thank you ! )

    =Edit properties

    & delay, 200 & Cycle to next page & Delay, 500

    & Execute program, "c:\windows\nircmd.exe","sendkeypress tab" & Delay, 500

    & Execute program, "c:\windows\nircmd.exe","sendkeypress tab" & Delay, 500

    & Execute program, "c:\windows\nircmd.exe","sendkeypress tab" & Delay, 500

    & Execute program, "c:\windows\nircmd.exe","sendkeypress tab"

    & click button

    Thank you very much.