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restore all feature of opera 12.16

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  • Version 12.16 is and was still the best version. I just installed version 19 on my computer and what a shock. What a mess, really guys what were you thinking?

    I am a loyal Opera follower for years and even use Opera Mail, but this new version is so user unfriendly. Wher is the bookmarks tab and why am I getting all this pop up %$#%$#%$#?

    You disappoint...

  • [quote]Version 12.16 is and was still the best version. I just installed version 19 on my computer and what a shock. What a mess, really guys what were you thinking?[/quote]

    Nope. 12.14 is a way better:

  • Version 12.16 is and was still the best version. I just installed version 19 on my computer and what a shock. What a mess, really guys what were you thinking?

    Nope. 12.14 is a way better:

  • I use Opera 12, i upgrade to Opera 19 .... It's a shit ! we dont'have Bookmark ! I've downgrade to opera 12 !
    Dont' upgade to opera 19 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mutated bookmarks are there looking like Quick Access Bar. Dunno why they didn't make it into a drop downmenu from a single button like it was in 12. "Opera decisions" or "Upgrading Opera" might make a good meme in terms of "fail".

  • Since I have set up a new computer I installed the latest version of Opera and was shocked, too. The panel is disappeared, no F4 to got my bookmarks on the left side. Furthermore I noticed that I can not group bookmarks while using strg+d.

    I will downgrade for the moment but maybe I will deinstall opera after years of using. This change is unacceptable for me.

  • I just waiting from the Opera 15 until now expectind that the developers realise that the new Opera is a big mistake. Today I downloaded Opera 19 and I sow that was no improwement: it is the same shity thing that I abbandoned at the wersion 15. I have several hundred bookmarks becouse I use Opera from very erly version and I realy need my bookmarks. I see that it is the time to abbandon Opera if will be no improvement in a short period. I only want the old features!!!!
    A very disappointed poweruser.

  • Yes, still terrible.

    I've using Opera as my primary browser since th early days, and version after 12 is a load of manure. I will admit that 20 is closer to the old greatness that used to be Opera, but it's still a mess. i went to move and add buttons on my interface, adn set it they way i like. But.. VERY little customization. I even brought up the Opera Help page and typed "custom", then "customize" in the Help Search. Both returned zero results. Pathetic.

    Want to quickly slap a single key to open u a new address oe search? Used to hit F2 and start typing, but nwo it's a mouse command or a key combination. Speed dial is better, but Bookmarks are still shit.

    I've always preferred Opera for two reasons: Excellent, intuitive mouse gestures and key shortcuts, and the ability to customize. All of these have been absent since Opera version 15.

    All browsers are fast. All have many extensions/addons. All browsers "work" just fine.

    Please bring back the old Opera, you developers. I'm certainly up for a learning curve, but not to move backwards in features. If I wanted a stupid, dumbed down browser, I'd use IE. Yes, I'd have to say Opea 15 and up is somehow WORSE than Internet Explorer. Adn this is from a tech-minded guy that ONLY ever uses IE to download Opera 12.xx from one of the great oldversions sites.

  • PS - man, even the FORUMS have been dumbed-down.

  • I agree with this request very much. I dont' decline new opera browser engine in New Opera
    But why do Opera developer team not bring classic user interface (UI) feature and option in Opera 12.6 included with New Opera and allow user to select to set classic UI or new UI depend on favorite of each person ?!
    Because classic UI and option in Opera 12.6 is the best UI and flexible of all browser

  • please ...

  • Yeah, I can't believe you guys screwed users like that. You literally took away EVERY feature (except mouse gestures) that made it great, every feature because of which I used Opera over other browsers. You made your bookmarks unusable unless you have, what? 5 bookmarks total.

    People used to use your browser for the very reason that it was different from other browsers, by taking all those differences away, you have lost the one advantage you had. I just downloaded Opera 20 and have to uninstall it now, because I can't use any of my old bookmarks.

    I'll be switching to Chrome. I got the needed features Opera used to have installed as plugins, except the nice bookmarks panel that I'll probly just have to write myself as a Chrome plugin or something.

    Used Opera for years. It's been a nice ride.

  • Agree with all of you...
    The worst thing for me, dedicated OLD opera user, is the communication with Opera Team!

    There is a lot of negative feedback from users on this new forum and all over internet and nothing official from opera.
    They just changed their direction, just it. Without any official announcment, like: sorry, these features will not be developed, we think that users don't need them because something something.

    But no, just silence. They just doesn't care anymore.... And this is sad thing.

  • The Opera as we knew it is gone. There used to be such a great community and communication. I still use Opera 12.6 and am almost afraid to even try the new version because it is so perfect, that I worry about installing the new one might screw up 12.6. We need to keep this thread a live, not that any one at Opera will care hearing from its long time old users. I started with Opera 4 and 12.6 may be where I stop.

  • We give us opera 12.16 features!
    This message is for the opera's CEO. If you don't give us the old feature, you donate us the source code of opera 12.16 for open sourc community.
    The actual version of opera is too unusable.
    Who do help me with a petition on

  • YES. Opera 12.16 is superb. I find myself using that and Chrome -- Chrome, because at least it has updates. Opera 12.16 is frozen (development stopped). But it is a SUPERB browser, and Opera 18, 19, 20 is an empty shell compared to Opera 12.16.

  • T I worry about installing the new one might screw up 12.6.

    There is absolutely no need to concern yourself with installing Opera 20 alongside v.12.16. It will not "screw up" your Presto version and you will be able to appreciate the new features and see how it is coming along.

    Asking for the source code of Opera Presto is simply a waste of time. It is the intellectual property of Opera ASA and will not be released for open source. Asking that certain features be returned to the new version is fine "as long as it is done respectfully." Threats and bad remarks are not going to influence anyone so try and be polite.

  • I think everyone is looking at the transition the wrong way. What happened is that the original Opera browser that we all loved has simply been discontinued. The company that used to make it is now making a different browser for a different market and, unfortunately for old users, is using the same brand name ("Opera") for it. Thus, we download what we think is our Opera and instead get something else.

    I was shocked and confused like everyone else. I am a huge fan of original Opera, and it took me a while to figure out that what now gets downloaded under that name is not the same program. I kept looking for the switches to turn on the features of the other product!

    I have no use for the new product, so I'm grateful to have found in this forum how to get the old one (to install on a new computer), and when that stops working, I'll probably fall back to Firefox - it seems to be the closest alternative to original Opera.

    But developers of the new Opera aren't stupid. They didn't intend for it to please people like me. They've figured out that people like me don't pay the bills for developing that incredible browser. It's a pity, too, because I would personally pay $100 a year for it; I guess there aren't enough other people who like it that much.