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Opera mini 9 beta 1 for Android

  • Will you make some impovements for UI and gestures?

    Current issues are:

    1. There are still no way to sort tabs. Will help sometimes.
    2. Need option to stop UI elements (adress and navigation panels) auto hide and show. As for me - I hate this stuff on scroll up. Wish it happens only by menu button press, like in versions upto 7 (including).
    3. Page refresh on overscroll isn't good idea. We have button for it!
    4. Back/Next butons can be placed on left side of adress panel (on mobile view). They have to be somewhere!
    5. Giant traffic economy statistic also should have any flag to disable it.

    That is short list.

  • Can't get the sync tab feature to work....

  • just downloaded it. the text box bugs still remains, apart from that i dont have any problems with the ui. but i wished it migrated my cookies and saved logins and password from the new updated opera mini, as i now have to reenter my login to any site that i have an account with.

    the gestures are okay. since the reload button is far from my left hand, so i have become used to swiping down to reload.

    new gestures could be added.

    also add copy option for text in a text box. only "select text" and paste are available. so now i have to enter th textbox and use the normal select and copy method on would be nice if i could quickly copy all text in a box by just long pressing it and select copy.

  • I am wondering why the New Opera Mini 8.0.1807 from Google Play asks for access to our phone contacts?

  • I cant download frm google play , plz give me new link

  • @kevin009: Please see the "Read contact data" section on Privacy policy document for why Opera Mini needs this permission.

    @majid0074: You can find an alternative download link for Opera Mini 8.0 from, unfortunately the beta is only available in Google Play.

  • Hi im enjoyin the new beta with night mode,opera works grt on my galaxy pocket neo:)

  • My Site Not Open Opera Mini Please Solve My Problem


    By the way, you must find a way to create a button for enable and disable night mode in the "O" menu... currently it's a bit too far to reach...

    Cheers, and keep up the good work.

  • Kindly provide Night mode option in the main browser menu.

  • Would prefer if night mode can be black background with white text not just dim the light. And i still can't sign in to my account.

  • Well, Instagram images are not working again. Too bad. 😞

  • Plz upload here itself don't give playstore link. ....

  • Great job, I love the browser but please, please bring back the feed reader like the previous Opera Mini had.

  • Plz add file manager and swipe forward and backward option....and online song or video play.....many more. ...

  • No never add file manager to a browser... it's not a good idea... there are enough file managers in the playstore... you are browsing... why on earth do you need a file manager in a browser

  • bro because changing file to apk......It can only done through file manager......

  • @gireeshakumarm please,
    just download ucweb and GTFO.

  • whoa, hold your horses, mate. why so hurry adding major version number?
    at least get things straighten up first, mainly with the package. I think users will not really keen on having many mini iterations on their device, like myself.

    what about the good old mini 7? be mini classic?
    because from what I understand the data would be incompatible for an update. and new package means importing lots of stuff minus losing feeds list and saved pages again.

    speaking of saved pages, why don't you make a folder on sdcard specially for it? y'know, the one which didn't get erased along with uninstallation and could be imported locally.
    and maybe also to store feeds list and cookies for us to manage it better.
    As I haven't seen any Android browser let user manage stored cookies (I'd like to be able to delete specific site's cookie instead of wipe it clean), you should considering to bring those.

  • @gireeshakumarm you can already rename files in Opera Mini, just tap on the filename text field in the download dialog and change the name to whatever you want.

    @mvtreo if you open the settings dialog you will find "Feeds" under the advanced section. Here you can enable it so you get access to your feeds from the speed dial. Once you've done that you have the same feeds functionality as you had in Mini 7.