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"appending message" message in mail client

  • hello, i permanently have one message: "appending message" in my opera mail client.
    New mail check wan`t work due to this message.
    I check all versions 12.14- 16.16 under linux and latest mail client under win^ the same.
    I think bug not in mine hardware (disk space or so on).
    How can i send you dump or some info about this bug?
    thanks !

  • 12.14-12.16 of course.

  • Opera Mail, including the built-in one, is not being developed anymore.

    Backup your mail folder and try to recreate the account. Then import the old messages if needed.

  • Check the log to see what folder the error is in. Then, goto "Menu -> mail -> IMAP folders" and unsubscribe and resubscribe from the folder. If it's in the Inbox though, you won't be able to unsubscribe and resubscribe. In that case, try checking the database to see if that helps. If not, you can delete the IMAP account and add it back in.

    Check "All Messages/Outbox" though. If there any messages in there, delete them. Click the "settings for this view" icon above the Outbox message list though to make sure "show sent" is checked so that queued messages aren't hidden.

    If that doesn't work, you can goto "Menu -> settings -> import and export -> export contacts" to export your contacts. Then, you can close down Opera and rename the "mail" folder. Then, start Opera back up and add the IMAP account back in.

    Note though. Make sure you do the unsubscribing and resubscribing of the IMAP folder in 12.16 as some older versions might wipe out all messages in the folder you unsubscribe from. I forget what version it was fixed in, but it's fixed in 12.16 at least.

    For the location of the mail folder, see "Menu -> help -> about Opera"

  • ok, thank you very match, while i`m waiting your answers, i just try to use thunderbird.
    I think some thunderbird activity temporary fix my problem..
    Now i enable logs, turn off thunderbird, return to opera, now looks like all ok, if i find problem ones more i post it here. Thanks ones more !

  • check it ones more, in log: 10/04-2015 14:01:06 IMAP#1/1: Parse error: syntax error

  • 10/04-2015 14:04:53 IMAP#1/1 IN {Tandex|redrose-announces}: 00RC OK [APPENDUID 0 none] APPEND Completed.

    10/04-2015 14:04:53 IMAP#1/1: Parse error: syntax error

  • Opera doesn't like the server's response. I don't know if it's the "none" or not. But, you could look up the appenduid spec and the uidplus extension spec to see if that's valid or not.

    You could close down Opera and edit incomingN.txt in the "mail" folder where N is the number for the account as seen in accounts.ini. There you can disable UIDPlus to see if that avoids the problem. If it does, then it might be something would the server's UIDPlus support (that maybe Thunderbird works around).

    What IMAP server/ email provider is this?

  • thanks for answer, but still the same problem:
    13/04-2015 10:29:49 IMAP#1/1 IN {}: 00BS OK [APPENDUID 0 none] APPEND Completed.

    13/04-2015 10:29:49 IMAP#1/1: Parse error: syntax error

    setting: Disable UIDPLUS=1

    imap server:

  • Hmm, maybe the server supports UIDPlus but not APPENDUID?

    Do you have a little bit more of the log before and after the parse error, preferably as a text file you can upload somewhere to rule out the forums here messing with the exact bytes that are in the log?

    Might help if you can get someone from yandex to look into this too. Maybe they already know about it and maybe there's a fix. See the first result for an example.

  • Do you have a little bit more of the log before and after

    Before - base64 encoded previous message
    After - eof

    ok, thank you, can i hope that this bug would be fixed in windows mail client ? (will use it with wine).

    • i write issue imap server developers, they accept it.
  • Before - base64 encoded previous message
    After - eof

    Thanks. Would still need to see more like the out request Opera made to the server for the appending and in and out requests that led up to that.

    can i hope that this bug would be fixed in windows mail client ?

    Opera Mail isn't being worked on anymore and there's no longer any support it.> + i write issue imap server developers, they accept it.

    Hopefully something can be done there.

  • thank you for all !