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Interface Comparison (between 12.17 to 28): an example of de-evolution

  • As if the version 28 UI design was made to dumb down those who decide to use it.

    I recently "upgraded" from 12.17 to version 28 and I've noticed that opera UI designers succumbed to the trend of severely dumbing down their user interface even further (as other UI developers have done [Firefox, QT, Windows 8, nearly every "smart" phone UI]). JUST BECAUSE APPLE WAS FINANCIALLY REWARDED BY CREATING OVER SIMPLIFIED USER INTERFACES THAT APPEAL TO OVER SOCIALIZED TARDS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEIR DECISION TO DO SO WAS PRESCIENT OR "PROGRESSIVE."

    It is important to note that attempting to overly simplify a user interface inherently compromises the ability of able users from doing various tasks quickly (as certain features cannot be accessed quickly enough). The UI in version 28 is so "simplified" that it severely impedes user activity (research, etc.) when compared to version 12.17... particularly in regard to bookmark visualization and organization (rapid access w/ a clear expandable and collapsible file hierarchy); perhaps tards simply found the 12.17 UI far too difficult to use, as they probably found with older linux based UIs, win95, win xp, and even windows 7). Sure such basic interface characteristics may not look streamlined and "cool" but they are highly useful. The problem is that by satiating the user's desire for a simplified user interface, you guys and gals are lowering the barrier to entry, placating idiocy and thus doing a disservice to your user base and probably society at large.

    The recent (past 6-8 year) shift in user interface design (over simplification and aesthetic feel versus functionality) is a de-evolution of design as it appeals to those who are intellectually compromised and sloppy, rather than those who are actually able to learn and who actually use the browser to develop inference and insight (knowledge).

    Please dissociate from the trend of having a dumbed down UI, and please provide a "classic" UI option as the default with access to config information that allows the user to significantly customize the browsing experience... IE stop getting in the way.

    *[Moved to Opera for nix forum]