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Opera suddenly wont load

  • Hello everyone

    I think there is a problem with the flash player.
    Everything was fine until couple of days ago,while all of a sudden opera stopped playing youtube videos.
    For some reason,opera is redirecting to the mobile version and videos are unplayable.
    I've made a screenshot to show you guys how the site looks like
    Also oddly enough,youtube videos loaded from facebook do play,but once I click to watch the very same video, on YouTube then the problem appears.
    I've tried reinstalling opera and defragmenting the disk but it didnt help.Its really annoying and frustrating.
    Please help!

  • No such problems here. Have you tested with extensions disabled? Turbo is enabled or disabled?

  • This has happened to a few people and each time it has been tracked down to an extension. As leocg recommended try disabling your extensions.

  • Had a similar problem with another website, it was turbo's 😃

  • Indeed the problem was created by the TURBO function. Not only on YT, but for any kind of video, Opera refused to open automatically the video and asked to click in order to activate Adobe Flash Player.
    So just uncheck this function and everything will work normally.
    Anyway this problem created me a lot of stress. I had to uninstall and then to reinstall both : Opera and Adobe Flash Player.
    Finally I found the solution on this forum.

    Thanks a lot guys !!! 🙂

  • Turbo disabled,only extension is FB Purity and AdBlock+, problem persists.

  • AdBlock Plus is known to cause this problem. Again, disable all of your extensions and try it.

  • Removed all the extensions,reinstalled opera,restarted pc,turbo mode off and problem is still there 😞
    Any suggestions?

  • reinstalled opera

    You just reinstalled or you also removed the old one including all data? If you just reinstalled, rename Opera's profile folder and check if the issue still happens.

  • Reinstalled opera including all data.Problem fixed
    Thank you guys,I appreciate your time and help! 🙂