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Opera ver 28.0.1750.48 slow in Windows 8.1

  • Thank you, but that is very different from previous versions - not all options are available.
    With V.12 I had direct access to my bookmarks by a star on the left side; now I have to walk along four steps to find my provate bookmarks...

    Opera 12 and Opera 15+ are totally different products.

  • If you want direct access to your bookmarks just enable the bookmarks bar. But yeah, as sidneyneto said they are very different products. The old King is dead, long live the King and all that.

  • GO into your Opera profile folder (you can find its location in Opera menu > About Opera) and delete any files in that direction that start with 'session'. There should be 3 or 4 of them. beware that this will clear any web pages that were left open the last time you exited Opera. Did that help with the slowness?

    I keep seeing this solution given for the slowness, but I don't HAVE any folders that start with session or have the word session in them. Any other options? Could they have a different name? I work with Windows Vista, I know that more and more updates don't bother to involve Vista-users anymore.

  • Its not a folder, its a few files inside your profile folder. Specifically: 'session.db', 'session.dbak', and 'session.db-journal'.

  • Just had to delete files again.
    Is this getting any attention?

  • Just had to delete files again.
    Is this getting any attention?

    This happens to me too, I've installed the latest Opera Beta and will delete my sessions.db and session.dbak and see if it still slows down.

    My session.db file is 82MB so there is definitely something bad going on.

    You guys could try Opera betas and stalk the blog posts and nag them about this issue, the more often the better.

  • Those session files are linked with the 'Continue where I left off' option. Don't use that option and the files don't grow (in theory). The issue just seems to be that some people's systems can't handle it when those files get large. Theres no rhyme or reason to it. On the one hand we don't know why those files are getting so large. On the other hand we also don't know why your system is having trouble with an 80mb file.

    Bear in mind that we aren't the developers though.

  • Opera 30 has a different session manager system and doesn't use those files, so i guess it will be solved when it is released.

  • Looking forward to it. Deleting again.
    Continue where I left off, is one of the primary reasons I use Opera.
    (using a plenty fast system here btw.)

  • I use a real session manager: Session Buddy. Its loads better than any session manager I've ever seen.

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