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  • Hi, I have been an Opera Browser user for quite a while now, and have recommended Opera to a friend as a safe browser to use.

    My friend who lives in the Philippines downloaded and installed Opera, and he said that after he had done so he suddenly found that his machine was invaded by malware and corrupted his operating system.

    None of this happened to my family who uses Opera, so I am not sure whether it was just coincidence and maybe malware was already on his machine by the time he downloaded it.

    But he came back to me and said that probably the server which he downloaded it from was malware ridden. He made that conclusion because he took his laptop to a repair shop and they said that they traced the malware to Opera.

    I don't know how exactly the Opera downloading system works, I came here for confirmation. If it is correct and Opera uses a system of servers in different parts of the world to reduce lag, how can I contact the Opera developers about it?

  • I really can't tell you how they choose sites to host their files on (this is a user-to-user support forum, the Opera employees may not notice your question) ... if all else fails you could get it directly from Opera's server.

  • I work as a computer repair tech and I can tell you malware almost never works that fast. When I check the install logs of peoples computers I almost always find some random crap program that was installed weeks or even months before the customer started to notice a problem. I just cleaned out a system on Friday that had over 40 programs installed on it over a two week period, not one the customer recognizes or remembers installing. Its a common 'story'. 'I never installed that, I don't recognize any of those.' I've cleaned customers systems, given them a list of crap that was on their systems, told them not to install any of those programs again and have them call me a month later because there system is infected again. I check the install log and the day, the very DAY, I give their system back to them they install a program from the list. Its always a rider program too. They blow through the installer of a toolbar or a coupon app or a 'Bible Quote a Day' thing and don't uncheck the boxes and next thing you know they have CoolWebSearch or Internet Optimizer or some other piece of garbage taking over their system and service them ads.

    TL;DR you friends either got the malware from somewhere else or he downloaded Opera from a bad source.

  • Hmm that is very interesting. I will go ask my friend about it, thanks for your replies.