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Can I create a file that contains a copy of my Opera bookmarks ?

  • I need to do a reset on mt Windows 8.1 computer. I would like to create a file that I can save on my external hard drive. After the reset I will reinstall Opera and hopefully reinsert the bookmarks from my external hard drive.

    I am not sure this can be done. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • State your Opera version.

    In the Good Ole One your can easily do that.
    Even with nuOpera, it stores your bookmarks in a file, which you could copy to an external drive etc.

  • No reason you couldn't archive almost all of your profile - I know saved passwords won't work after a reinstall, not sure if cookies and site data are encrypted, but the rest should transfer. See About Opera for the location of your profile.

  • Sorry it took a WHOLE YEAR to reply. I never got an email with your posts.
    My opera version is now 36.02130.48 I have a Windows 10 (64bit) system.

    I will look at About opera.

  • I changed my profile preferences so I should receive emails now.

  • Welcome back!
    The bookmarks file is in the profile folder on all versions of Opera.
    On the current versions, it's just called "Bookmarks" with no file extension.
    On old Presto Opera it's called "bookmarks.adr".
    As sgunhouse said, you might as well back up the whole profile folder, and that will cover your history, passwords etc. as well as your bookmarks.

  • Hi Dave,

    I did get an email about your comment. I found Bookmarks and opened it with WordPad then saved it in Rich Text (links are shown in blue and are live in rich text). I saved the bookmarks as a document.

    I'm working on backing up the whole Opera folder, but I never turned on "file history" in Windows 10 and likely this is not the way to backup the Opera folder.

    I know I can "copy the Opera folder" to my external hard drive. But I am very unsure of how to restore or reinsert it when needed.

  • You just delete the one you want to replace and drop your backup where it used to be. Its that simple.

  • lando242, Thanks for your info.

  • I'm not sure why you opened the Bookmarks file in WordPad and then saved it as Rich Text.
    As you have changed its format by doing that, it's surely very likely that Opera would not now be able to use it if you needed to restore it as a backup.
    Make sure you save the file somewhere exactly as it is, as well as your Rich Text version if you need to have that as well!

  • Hi Dave,

    I opened it with WordPad just because I wanted to see the contents of the Bookmarks file. Then it occurred to me I could save it as a document. Not to reinsert it but just as a backup. Because I used Rich Text the listed URL's are live. That means I can use the Opera Bookmarks document and click on a link and that will open in any browser I set as default. I can also edit the Bookmarks document because there is a lot of text that could be deleted. The live links are pretty much all I need in my document.

    I copied the whole Opera folder to my external hard drive. So bookmarks are in there.

  • Understood.
    That sounds like a useful thing to do actually!

  • @dadgren

    better solution would be to export your bookmarks as HTML
    this way you can open it in any browser as document (not only in wordpad, and then click to default browser)
    and also you can import that HTML file in any browser in it's own bookmarks system

  • @vux777

    I did a Google search on how the export Opera bookmarks in HTML. I found there is an Opera extension "Bookmarks Import & Export".

    The ways described in my Google search for earlier versions of Opera do not work in my Opera 36.0


    It would have been smarter to "copy" the bookmarks file to "Documents" then open the copy, save as rich text and rename it. I was lucky that the way I did it, the original bookmarks file was not changed in any way.

  • @dadgren

    have you tried V7 Bookmarks ?
    there is an export functionality on settings page

  • @vux777

    Was that last post some kind of spam?

    (Ha Ha a little joke). You created the "V7 Bookmarks" extension and took your sweet time telling me about it.

    I'm an old man and need a nap before I check out your extension. It looks complicated to my old, tired and feeble mind.

    The "Bookmarks Import & Export" extension works well, but it only does imports and exports.

  • @dadgren
    yea, I'm the author
    don't worry...there are big green buttons for everything 😃 (export etc)
    in previous post you wrote that Bkm export import extension doesn't work

  • I was trying to say the procedures suggested from my Google search did not work. For example one said open Opera settings then click on import and export - so that one did not work because I could not find import and export anywhere in settings.

    I should have been more clear that the "Bookmarks Import & Export" extension works very well.

    I wish I could edit that earlier post because I see your point my earlier post is confusing.

    If that extension did not work I would not have posted a link to it.

    Just to be clear the link below is to an extension that works well.

  • For example one said open Opera settings then click on import and export - so that one did not work because I could not find import and export anywhere in settings.

    Those are instructions for Opera Presto (Opera 12.18 and older) and they do not apply for Opera Chromium (Opera 15+).

  • @dadgren
    ah haaa!
    very useful ha? :smurf: