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Google Search Constantly Page Crashing

  • Version:28.0.1750.48 - Opera is up to date Update stream: Stable System:Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64).
    Over the last three weeks, When I search for something through the speed dial window or just visit google itself the page holds for about five seconds and then crashes. I have disabled extensions testing to find out if it was an extension yet it appears to not be. I have cleared my cache which seems to stop the problem for a little while, at the shortest 5 minutes at the longest a day. So is anyone else experiencing this, and if so have you found a workaround?

  • Try it in a private window. Does it still crash on you?

  • I have to wait to see, I cleared the cache last night pretty late before I could get back here.

  • Seems the private window is not affected by whatever is the problem with the normal window.

  • Seems the private window is not affected by whatever is the problem with the normal window.

    It usually indicates that an extension is causing the issue. Do you use any?

  • I use quite a few actually, but I had disabled them all during testing to see if it was being caused by any of them. However assuming they remained problematic while disabled here is the list of the active extensions.

    Adblock for Youtube™ Version 2.26
    Adblock Plus Version 1.8.12
    AdBlock Premium Version
    Adblock Pro Version 3.1
    Adblock Super Version 2.7.3
    Add Bookmark Version 1.1.5
    Adguard Version
    Anything2MP3 Converter and Downloader Version 0.3
    Blur: Protect your passwords, payments & privacy Version 4.7.1505
    Classic Tabs Version 1.6
    Dark Skin for Youtube™ Version 1.3.24
    Disconnect Version 5.17.3
    Download Chrome Extension Version 2.2.3
    Dress-up Webpage Version 2.0
    Facebook adless Version 3.1.1
    Facebook Disconnect Version 1.6.6
    Facebook Image Direct URL Version 0.6.0
    Fix Google Image Search Version 1.2.2
    FVD Video Downloader Version 1.2.9
    Grammarly Spell Checker & Grammar Checker Version 3.0.98
    Local pass store Version 1.5
    Manga Viewer Version
    My theme for Facebook™ Version 3.2.0
    Night Mode Version 2.0
    oClock Version
    Save Image to Downloads Version 1.0.5
    SearchBar Version 0.8.4
    Show passwords Version 1.1
    Social Fixer for Facebook Version 12.0
    SuperSorter Version 0.4.4
    Tidy Bookmarks Version 2.2
    Y!Mail AdsFree Version 2.0
    Zoom Version

  • Check with a new clean profile if the problem happens.

  • I have had the same issue for a few months and it's driving me crazy. My only option is to use a different default search engine. The behavior is sometimes not present during new use of the browser, but returns after the browser has been open for a while. I can confirm that this is independent of extensions and profiles as I have experienced it across four different computers - one of which is a clean install with no migration of profile data (except whatever is synchronized by Opera).

  • Do you use the 'Continue where I left off' option?