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importare mail outlook

  • Ciao a tutti,
    quando faccio per importare le mail da outlook con la procedura consigliata (http://help.opera.com/Mac/9.10/it/mail.html), nella finestra degli elementi da importare non mi dà nulla. Come posso fare? grazie

  • We do have an Italian forum - click on the globe below, this area is English.

    My menus are in English, if you are using the standalone mail client or an older version of Opera it is under Settings > Import and Export > Import Mail. Other than that, my Italian isn't good enough to figure out the question.

    The alternative approach would be to export from Outlook and then import those as "generic mbox files".

  • Let me try...

    Hello everybody!
    When I try to import mail to outlook...

    Well, the link is about some Mac, isn't it?..

    He can't seem to do the import following that linked to stuff and asks if he still can do it somehow.

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