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pixel fight in flash videos

  • hello
    im watching alot over stream like since 2 days i just see pixels with opera i have 3 other browser cause u breake so many things with every update so i have to check to see if its my fault or ur again...... i testet with the new vivaldi browser works perfect i testetd with firefox works perfect i tested with chrome works..... opera just pixels.... but no laggs sound is normal and like i said its not the first time but now im really getting p... off. one day u can work normal next day something not and u have to switch to other browser..... sooner or later we alle will stay at the other browser from what i see here im not alone with problems like this necer seen things like this while i was a firefox user.

  • A couple of links to pages in which you are facing this issue would be helpful for people tro check if they also have the problem.

  • I visited that site with IE, Chrome and Opera. The video looked like crap in Chrome and Opera. Pixelated and in weird colors. I couldn't get it to load in IE most of the time as the banner ads, which were serving malicious software btw, were screwing up the website. After refreshing a few times the video did load but the ads (which I could not close) completely obscured the video, so all I got was sound. Considering the website is very poorly made and is severing illegal streams of TVs shows I'm inclined to believe that the problem is the website and not the browser.

  • first i would never go online without an adblocker
    second idk anything about ads(i use a adblocker) i just know the site itself are not using ads maybe the stream hoster
    third illegal?maybe in ur country..........
    fourth so ur answer is the site is poor made thats why all my browser work and just opera fails?
    ok anyway i switched now to other browser
    its enough

  • Like I said mate, I tried it in three browsers, two with adblockers, and the site didn't work right in any of them. I never put an ad blocker on IE, its like putting lipstick on a pig. The only reason I tried it was because it comes with Windows.

    Heres what it looks like to me in Chrome with the adblocker turned off. Pixelated video, ads over the screen and weird red letters in the upper right (let on) and lower left (ww) of the screen. Those red letters were present in all 3 of my web browsers, ad blocker or no. And, like I said above, the ads are serving malware. They either don't know their ads are severing malware or they don't care. In either case I'd avoid that website.

  • ok here then the picture from my browser which do the job without any problems or ads

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