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Cannot pass video file URL directly to VideoLAN player...

  • Hi. I've tried to tell Opera to not download the video links from a site I frequent but to simply pass on the link URL to the VLC player.

    The file extension is *.mv4 and the server apparently mislabels it with the MIME type "application/octet-stream," rather than "video/<something or other>."

    Now if it were another MIME type it would likely work. It works with MP3 files from another site. But if I go to "Preferences..." -> "Downloads" and try to tell Opera that if a file has the extension "M4V" and the "octet-stream" type it should just open vlc.exe and pass on the URL it won't let me add that option. Instead it will always open up the download dialog, which gives me no option to pass on the URL. At least I can't find it.

    So is there a way to teach it to not download an "octet-stream"-labeled file with a particular extension but to simply pass on the URL to an outside program...?

  • What (exact) version of Opera are you using ?.

  • Must be a Presto-based version ... and obviously on some version of Windows. But more information on both would help.

    What's the site? If a file is listed a certain way, Opera will always show the dialog regardless of MIME type. That's why those "Download" links you see on some sites will cause even a JPEG file to download (for example, Flickr) though Opera normally handles JPEG files itself.

  • Originally posted by LinuxMint7:

    What (exact) version of Opera are you using ?.

    12.16 on Windows 7.

    You'd have to be a paying member of the site with which I have my main issues in order to reproduce my problem.
    But the same thing happens on the free RSS feed of the Rachel Maddow Show.

    It gives me a download link of the latest show, and if I click on it the download window opens and Opera starts downloading the whole video and then opens the external player once the file is complete. Even though in "Preferences..." I've set the "pass web address directly to application" option to every single MIME type containing the "M4V" extension. But I can't add the "application/octet-stream" MIME type.

    If I wish to stream the show I have to copy the address to the clipboard, open VLC, go to Media -> Open Network Stream, paste the URL, and then I can watch online. Which is a little tedious compared to the one-click instant solution I'm envisioning...

  • Maybe you can customize the Opera/Presto context menu to include the choice of launching any link in a media player? It works well for me. Described here by Tamil. You can have several choices there, and maybe also add Winamp.

    Same can be done with local associations, even though each program usually likes to completely take over a file type.

  • OK, that worked. I added Firefox first, then a modified item for the VLC player. Thanks a lot!

  • Is there a reference manual to the syntax of the menu setup anywhere?

    I mean, if I wish to add a right-click item to open an image in a new page instead of on the same page, how would I do that?