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Need to save browsing history. I can do it, but...

  • I need to save my past 2 weeks of browsing history, for personal reference.

    I can go to AppData and save the "history" file, but theres no way to view that file properly with notepad.

    Also when I open the history page in Opera, theres no option to download the page as html. As in, right click, "Save as..."

    I'm truly stuck. Please help.

  • Try printing the page. Or take a screenshot.

  • I want it in HTML form, or at least in text form.

  • Even if I wanted a screenshot, it won't work.

    I have Nimbus Screen Capture, and it refuses to take a screenshot of that history page.

    I'm sorry but the Opera history feature is definitely not a highpoint of the browser.

  • Well, if you don't mind it being ugly just open up your history page in Opera, keep hitting the button at the bottom to get all the history you want, then click Ctrl+A (make sure a portion of the page turns blue) and copy and paste.

  • But thats useless to have as a reference, because it doesn't copy the links' URLs.

    I'm looking through the source code of that history file in AppData, and I think I see a lot of SQL syntax. So that means that browsing history page is generated through a client-side server?

  • Welp, I can't help you there. If you've got a lot of free time burning a hole in your pocket you could right click every link in the history, copy the link address and paste it in a text file or something.

  • The History file is a SQL Lite file, you can use a SQL lite editor to view/export its contents.

  • Ok problem solved, using SQL Browser, I got a list of all my history.

    I now have a collection of every source I've used for learning Photoshop CS6.

  • It wouldn't have been more easy to just have bookmarked the pages?

  • When you get a new fancy program, you only wanna go head-first into it.

    I just feel more satisfied, knowing I have a collection of the links that are solely responsible for my CS6 knowledge.