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  • Today i updated my OPERA after installation when i start OPERA computer is resetting

  • Which version of Opera? Which OS?

  • Thank you leocg
    Windows XP with SP2,
    IBM ThinkCenter,

    I Don't Know about Opera version but I updated It yesterday until that (Old version) worked well .

  • If it's an IBM ThinkCenter running XP-SP2, the hardware dates to the 2003-2005 era. Given the old age of the hardware and the OS version, your original Opera's version family most likely was "Presto", and the version number was likely to be in the Opera 11.x to 12.x range. If that's the case and if you attempted to update to the latest version in the new Opera family (Blink), but that installation process somehow got messed up or is incompatible with your system, the old Opera version should still be in place on the system and fully usable. Only the shortcut-accesses to it would have been altered. Such "updating" from the old Opera family to the new family actually only involves installing the new version in addition to, but separate from, the old one and simply changes your Opera access shortcuts to refer instead to the new version... the old version is not removed from the system by the installation of the new one.

    Several questions:

    How are you actually trying to start Opera now? Is it from a shortcut-icon on the desktop, an icon on the TaskBar, from an entry in the Start Programs menu, or by double-clicking directly a program name in Windows Explorer?

    On that computer, do you only have one user account (typically the one it boots into) or do you work from one of several users accounts? If it is one of several accounts, is that account type limited or admin in nature?

    What prompted you to update Opera? Was it your own thought processes or did you receive an update notice on your screen? If it was an update notice on the screen, can you recall any details about what it said or how it looked?

  • Afaik you need SP3 to run Opera.

  • One day my Opera was working fine, the next day, it's there, but won't open. I click on it, but nothing happens. Windows 7 service pack 1. I know it does automatic updates. I uninstalled and downloaded and reinstalled, but still won't work. I really liked Opera too. Any suggestions?

  • LinJay, what's your Opera?

  • I'm not sure what the older version was. I just know the next morning went to open Opera and it wouldn't open. So, uninstalled, and downloaded the newest version. I have Panda, but it worked with that before, and spybot but have used that before too. It was so strange, one day I'm on, next day, it just sits there.

  • wow, boom I was just downloading it for the 4th time and boom it just pops up!!

  • Check your Windows updates list or try finding the Opera folder: if it's nuOpera, they say the title must contain the version number.