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  • Hi,

    I searched for this topic but seeing as how both words "page" and "style" are common words used separately to address other issues with Opera, I got about a 100 threads that appeared to be totally unrelated.

    I've been running Opera 12 since I DLed this version last week. And even though it runs numerous processes, an evolution to browsers I find annoying and excessive, it hasn't slowed me down yet. I find it's more secure than Firefox and a speed dial being available without an add-on is a major plus.

    Now, enough of singing your praises, of course when you hear from people here there's going to be an issue. With opera 12, there was an option for "page styles." Every add-on and/or extension I've come across does not mimic that feature. The page style I always used was the high contrast that turned the background black and the text white. I don't know if it's just me, but a browser without a page style option like that automatically reverts to what I like to call the "Near Death Experience" option where the light is so bright it literally blinds me for a few moments and causes a migraine after about 2 minutes of use. It's like looking into a brighter sun. I hate it, what can I say?

    I've DLed a few extensions to remedy this, but none of them default to the setting I want, white text on a black background. One actually does this but reverts back as soon as you go to another page and even when it's white or gray text on a black background, it makes all links this hideous neon blue that just doesn't mesh well with the rest of the page unless I zoom in to about 150%. Even just an option to match my system colors would do since I keep everything a dark blue, dark gray or dark red. Perhaps I'm missing a feature in my options or settings or whatever or maybe there's a better extension I've overlooked? If so please tell me because I don't know, I just wanted t see if there was a fix to this before I switch over to the new Firefox which seems to automatically match my own system scheme. I hate doing that because the new firefox is very insecure unless I DL about 15 add-ons, one of which being the simple speed dial option I spoke of earlier. However, it does only run one process at a time and I don't have to really mess with it too much. But it's not secure enough to make it my "one and only" browser. I'd like to go back to those days when IE6 was all I needed and the headache of trying to juggle 3 or 4 browsers at a time wasn't necessary. It seems all new browsers have some major flaws that make me have to DL other browsers that remedy the other's shortcomings.

    There was one issue with the feature "page style" in Opera 12, which I still have installed in my program files (x86) folder. It would black out thumbnail images and several other things on a page. Even though this newer version is good, I can't do some other things I could in opera 12, like a simple right click option that let me disable javascript for certain pages which I've found absolutely necessary for google searches. I've tried bing, and I hate it. Plus, it doesn't let me revert back to an old style image search where URLs and short descriptions lie underneath every image. Also, like bing (spits) the image search doesn't let you turn pages, it goes on and on and on...just a flurry of random images on URLs I can't see to determine if it's safe and/or what I'm looking for.

    I did install this new version in my regular program files folder that seems to be reserved for 64 bit programs, but this was the only way I could insure Opera 12 was still available when these new browsers fail to satisfy my search requests which is...often, since google became the search gestapo with their "moderate safe search" always being on. That's why it's so necessary to disable javascript because it automatically turn google searches back to what it once was...perfect.

    I know this is all over the place, so let's stick with page styles and we can go onto other topics from there. At this time, that's all I'm asking for. At worst, I'll simply have to keep opera 12, which now closes automatically when visiting certain sites due o not being able to handle...whatever programming offending pages are written with. But at the very least I can copy and paste URLs into notepad and then close opera 12 and reopen this version and just go directly to the source. But that's really, really irritating.

    I know opera 12 is ancient to you now, but up until a couple weeks ago it was my primary browser mainly for the page style options, both the visual effects and the ability to black javascript on certain sites. If these options simply aren't incorporated into the new version, would it be possible to put them back in? Or would it be possible for me to tinker with opera's advanced settings reached via the browser, like firefox's about:whatever function.

    Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to get everything in for you to take into consideration. I'll end it here and await your reply.


  • I don't know of any extensions that do what you want, sorry.

  • Well, that's a damn shame. It's a fine browser but I'm gonna have to go back to firefox as my primary. I'll keep this one as a back-up. I just want to get rid of some browsers, having all of these is a pain in the neck.

    You should look into those old right click options...they were great. No add-ons, plug-ins or extensions required.

  • First thing that comes to mind is "night mode", though actually that's low contrast (gray text on black). I see three extensions that seem applicable, though really I can't tell the difference between two of them.

    One is simply called "Night mode" and that's all it does. The other two ... maybe not. Looks like they apply settings per-site and so would need to be set for each new site you visit.

    Night mode is here:

  • I have no idea why I'm moderated now, but it's a load... I'm crapping on all browsers and even pointing out the good points of your product. I'm harsh, but I'm fair. I'll make this my last post. Go back and run Opera 12 and notice the plethora of options and the ease of changing over to page styles, blocking javascript with a right click and scrolling down to "edit site options"...I mean, come on. I'm not a programmer but I've played with computers enough to know that these additions wouldn't be hard to add to your newest version. You've potentially got the best browser right now, it just needs some tweaking. And the fact these extensions exist means that my light sensitivity is shared by at least a significant porton of your users. I'm not asking for the code to the nuclear football, and I'm not casing the joint. You need not be frightened of me. I'm just text on a screen.

    But hey, it's your OPERAtion. Heh, get it? So whatever. Keep being a chrome clone with a few unique attributes google's monster doesn't have. I just thought that, you know, pride in your work would make you innovators instead of imitators.


  • Past versions of Opera catered to power users. That bought Opera a pittance of a market share and turned off many average (read; dumb) users. So when they re-lanuched the browser from a new codebase they decided that they would target a broader market and put most of their efforts into that area. While power user features are slowly making their way back into the browser they are not a priority and many will never return (built in email for example). If Firefox doesn't have everything you want you might want to check out Vivaldi. Its either that or wait around for the Opera dev team to add your pet feature.

  • Yeah, I got both of those add-ons. I've tried everything but they're a pain. I just got done working with the new Firefox today and got everything all set up to my liking and then...friggin' thing's giving me a headache trying to play videos, it has the same problem the old Opera 12 had when you don't let the webpage choose it's own style, you can't see picture/thumbnail links...

    The internet's ruined, lol. It's just ruined. Part of it's a personal problem, my eyes have just grown ultra sensitive to light. The night/day extension just dims the page a bit and makes things hard to read. Night mode does what I want it to do but every time I go to a new page it resets to nuclear light blast mode. I feel like a Nagasaki citizen. My shadow's burned into the wall. My skin is melting...melting...

    So if I have to choose between the 2, Firefox blacks everything out automatically and I just occasionally, whenever I watch vids or go to sits with pictured thumnails, I have to let the webpage choose their crappy style. Which is usually just...radiating. Very Hiroshima.

    I made an appointment with a doctor for next week. See if there isn't anything she can do or recommend. Maybe its time to get glasses or something. Anyway, like I said, you guys had it almost perfect. I'd still be using Opera 12 but sites are literally rejecting it and closing the browser on me. I guess it's that outdated now.I just hate juggling 6 browsers. If I want to do one thing, I use firefox, another I have to use opera. Sometimes I have to fire up the older browsers just for convenience, and I have pale moon for the hell of it, but it rarely gets used. There was one major thing about the older browsers that made me keep them, but for some reason it's just slipped my mind. I blame having google as a homepage. It starts up like THE BIG BANG and instantly fries what little braincells I have left. Oh, that's right...I can search in google uncensored. Very important since they because the search gestapo. I tried bing...still hate it. But it's improved, slightly.

    Anyway, I've got my kneepads on...please bring back page styles. I have to change it from site to site but Opera 12 makes it a bit easier. The Opera button is in a convenient location and a right click allows you to block javascript for sites that, in my humble yet probably ignorant opinion, abuse it. What a perfect browser that was. This version is definitely as secure as the last one. For security it gets an A++ and Firefox gets a D-. I had to DL an extra pop-up blocker, an add-on that stops the hijacking of webpages, a dimmer like Opera's "Nightingale View" add-on (Night/Day mode.) I think there's even an add-on to manage other add-ons, and an add-on to manage that. The madness never ends.

    As I'm sure you can tell, it's driving me mad.

    You know what add-on would be great? An add-on that takes me back to 2004 when all this crap wasn't necessary.