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Cannot receive messages in My Opera e-mail account

  • I have a My Opera e-mail address but messages sent to the address do not arrive in my Inbox? Why is that so?

  • MyOpera was closed down over a year ago.

  • Thanks. But then why I can send out messages to other e-mail addresses but e-mails sent from other addresses do not arrive in my MyOpera INBOX? Very strange indeed.

  • Sorry I got it wrong. My MyOpera account is in fact not working at all. However, the Opera Mail Client itself seems to be working fine. I have other accounts added and these work perfectly. It appears the MyOpera e-mail client is still usable. It's a pity that MyOpera was closed down; it was quite a good e-mail client.

  • The Opera email client and MyOpera are different things.

  • Thanks for the information. I hope the Opera e-mail client does not get shelved also.

  • Thanks for the information. I hope the Opera e-mail client does not get shelved also.

    It's no longer being developed.

  • I tried to use Opera as an alternative email client for last 3 months. Now when I am in a fuss ...

    I tried to backup & restore. Exported Inbox & Sent as mbs. Now deleted email account; and it erased everything.

    When I restored, Opera Mail does NOT fetches any email. After importing my sent messages, it fails to fetch messages in INBOX.

    Funny ... the most frustrating experience: Now, I just realized, no email client imports Opera emails ... ha ha ha ... Many tools online, but paid versions only ...

    I would NOT recommend anyone to use Opera Mail Client.

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