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  • I have my default search engine set to Yahoo, however, when I type into the address bar to search, it directs me to Yahoo Chile - and I don't know how to resolve this.

    I've cleared the cache, cookies, download history - everything and nothing's worked.

    Anyone any suggestions please?

  • Where are you actually?

    In your profile* there is a file named "Local State". It is just a specially-organized text file and can be edited with Notepad or any text editor - though as it lacks an extension Windows will not know what program to use. Don't try to edit it with Opera running though as your changes would probably be overwritten.

    Inside that file you'll find a section named location, mine looks like this:

    "location": {
       "country": "us",
       "country_from_server": "US",
       "timestamp": "1413940012600000000"

    If you delete that section, Opera will recreate it (hopefully with a correct country) the next time it is run. If you are in Chile but want to use the US servers, then try replacing country and country_from_server as shown above.

    • The location of your profile can be found in About Opera - copy the path from there and paste it into your file browser, as some of the folders in that path are normally hidden.
  • That was a brilliant explanation - thank you - but the country is right in there - I'm in Scotland and it's set to GB.

    I swapped to Google search and it's fine (not so keen on google though) it seems to be Yahoo search that's all wrong

  • If you prefer Yahoo over Google you might try Bing, Microsoft's search engine. Yahoo farms out their search to Bing, so you've been using it indirectly the whole time anyway. So Yahoo is a 'Bing search that's all wrong' while Google is just Google. They did use Google as the basis of their search engine in years past but that deal ended several years ago.

  • Thank you. I'll try Bing - it beats trying to learn whatever language is spoken in Chile!! LOL

  • Chile - indeed most of South America except Brazil - speaks Spanish. No, I don't plan to learn it either.