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  • Recently started having issues with Opera playing facebook games. It simply would NOT play nice with adobe flash. Then it was not being friendly with my banking site. Suddenly my bank site would not recognize Opera.
    So I did a clean uninstall... and reinstalled it. Same things occurred.
    I can not find any 'real' support, as in a PERSON... not an automated system that does not have my issues when I search for them.
    So I'm left with this forum. And a big question. Does these sudden changes where Opera no longer works for my every day needs...mean Opera is no longer a viable browser for common users? Are you being phased out by other browsers? What's the deal? Are there any people behind Opera at all? Do I just give up and leave opera all together? I will miss it. It use to be the best and I got many others on it. But if it will not perform for every day tasks it is of no use to me anymore.

  • Of which version of Opera we are talking about?

    And what about flash?

  • We can't help you unless you tell us what version of Opera you are using and what error messages you are seeing. It would also help if you told us your OS, what extensions you have installed in Opera and exactly which sites are giving you these problems.

    As for getting real support from a person, well, you get what you pay for. Opera doesn't have the money to staff a full tech support line. In fact, I don't think any of the web browser companies have tech lines solely for their browsers, Microsoft and Google included.

  • I do apologize, though I had hope enough to bookmark this post, I reaally didn't think I would get a response.

    My Opera version is : 27.0.1689.76
    I am on an HP desktop (about a year or so old) Win 7
    I just updated flash when I did a reinstall
    Right now, with this new install, I have No extensions enabled (or even downloaded actually, the page is blank).

    I DID notice, as I was checking version and getting info for you... "Turbo" was checked. I unchecked, restarted browser and though the issues with flash for FB game (Farmville2) was the same. I COULD get logged into my bank account again. So whoohooo on that one!!! I can live without games. But not without online banking. 😉

    The issues with flash have been:

    My facebook games flash window where the game is blurred more now, I try to use the ctrl + wheel mouse to resize window (like I use to do) and it just makes the flash window worse or takes parts of the game out of frame. To get everything to fit inside I have to deal with blurry. It's slow. I've played some of these games for years (and since I got this computer).. ON opera.. with no problems. But suddenly this last update I think? ...they started running really really slow about say.. 6 months or so ago? Not quite sure on the length of time I've been fighting this. Last update basically. I just eventually gave up on my games on my computer and play them now on my ipad. Because I hate the other browsers.

    My banking... I do remember was in the last month or so. I keep forgetting, as I normally use Opera for everything, but when I went to sign in it said unrecognizable browser.. please use IE or Chrome.. etc etc etc. Which I HATE. But since unclicking turbo (or maybe holding my mouth right) I just logged into my bank just now. I hope that stays. Just in case it bank is SunTrust.

    Basically, I've been an Opera girl for years. Because it use to run the fb games much faster and better than any other browser out there. It doesn't have the pop ups and ads others have. I loved the bookmark controls on the start page etc. Just all around big time supporter and lover of Opera. And I have tried to go to the help site. I tried to go to adobe flash to see if it was just the flash. But can never find anything actually helpful. Other than a clean install. Which I did.

    NOTE: After the fresh install. I now have to manually start every flash content. Even ads! lol Couldn't figure out if that was a setting. Didn't find anything on this either on the site or in my settings.

    At this point, Im just glad to hear from a person. I was honestly thinking you guys were weeding out gamers or some such. After going through months of issues with nothing on the help site about my issues. I honestly thought you guys were given in. I do apologize. I was just so bummed to loose my reliable Opera. That's all. If ya'll can help me get that back? I will be eternally grateful. Again, I "hate" the other browsers now. Opera has quite simply, spoiled me for any other browser. Hence why I was so upset. 😕 Anyway, let me know if you need more info.


  • well, I guess ya'll were upset that I didn't give details the first time, been no response after I did. I would really like to figure out how to use Opera again for my fb games. If you would be so kind.

  • Opera Turbo is only useful if you are on a metered or very slow connection. You shouldn't enable it otherwise as it will do nothing for you and, as you have experienced, causes problems with some connections.

    For your games I can't really figure out what the problem is. My last ditch guess would be to right click the game and see if the quality settings in flash have been turned down or something. You shouldn't use zoom for flash objects though. They aren't made for it and tend to look really bad if you do. This isn't Opera fault but simply a limitation some types of flash apps have. Sorry I can't be of more help.

  • Thank you for at least commenting/responding.

    For the record, the reason I assumed it was Opera...was that it doesn't look this way on my other browsers. Only on Opera. Thus, my assumption that flash wasn't playing nice with Opera for games. And I want to use Opera.

    On that point you made -- If I have tried to use the zoom button (which worked in the past but doesn't help now)... How do I put it back to default? Is there a short cut key I can use to put a website back to it's starting point on the zoom?

    Thanks in advance

  • Yes. The * key on the number pad does that. Or you could go to the Opera menu and look at your zoom. There is a reset button there shaped like a box. Its on the right side of the menu.

  • When you installed flash, did you download the PPAPI version as the NPAPI version of Adobe Flash Player is been phased out? Opera latest versions are starting to use PPAPI. To be sure to see which one that was install, go to your computer's control panel and click on flash player, advanced tab. You should see the flash version number by where it says PPAPI Plug-In Version:
    If you also have the NPAPI version installed you may want to keep it if you still have opera 12.17 on your computer as well as version 27. No earlier versions of opera, then just uninstalled NPAPI version of flash. If I'm not mistaken versions 12.17 & earlier of opera could use only NPAPI of flash. If both types appear on your system then you have to make sure that only PPAPI version is enabled for opera 27 in its plug in settings.

  • Thanks Lando, I went to the game, hit the button to take my zoom back to normal. The 'neighbors bar' in the flash window went off screen a little. So I to reshrink it and got the bar back. Got the bar back, but then .. again in inner flash (inside flash window).. the game pop ups were now totally off the frame and I couldn't grab them. So I went back to just not being able to see the neighbors bar. Not sure why it's doing that.

    Drillbit, thank you also for trying to help me. I did as you said and I have 'both' the NPAPI and the PPAPI and both versions read...16,0,0,305. It might be interesting to note there was no Active X? Should there be for facebook games such as Farmville 2? Could that be the issue? If not, then ... well.. not sure what you might come up with next but eager to hear. 🙂

    I can't say without a doubt about Opera 12.17. But I'm pretty sure there is no other Opera on my computer. When I did the clean reinstall I went through and deleted alll things Opera to make sure I would get a 'clean' install. Maybe that's what I need to do. Maybe I need to find an older version that I remember working so much better than any other browser for speed and graphics? Maybe for the last straw if nothing else can be found. lol

    Let me know what you think before I uninstall the NPAPI. I may need help doing that as well.

    Also note: While seeing if the older flash was enabled (which it was and I disabled it)... after I finally found that section!! I found quite a few plug ins enabled in there. I had checked extensions before but, not plugins. At that time I had no clue where they were now. Anyway, I went through those and disabled all the ones I 'thought' were unnecessary. Restarted the browser... but no change. 😞 It's still blurry and still have the issues of fitting the game within the flash window.

    I know my life won't end if I can never again play facebook games on my beloved Opera browser. I'll just not play them. I'll... miss them. They're a great time passer. And they do look good in other browsers and the flash acts right in those... I just can't stand all the pop up ads on the other browsers! They make me nuts. And they run slower, well.. use to.. than Opera did. Now they're about the same I guess. Opera being a bit worse now as far as lag or slow running.

    Anyway, I appreciate you guys trying to help. Any more suggestions? Any thing else I can provide that would help you figure it out?

  • It might be interesting to note there was no Active X? Should there be for facebook games such as Farmville 2?

    Active X is an IE/MS thing.

  • likely turbo causing problems, particularly with flash games. i had those problems with older versions. easiest way to know for sure is to turn it off and see if that fixes your problems.

    it is usually wise to use a different browser from your day-to-day browser for banking. or you could try banking software like trusteer rapport and see if opera works then.

  • thanks leocg, didn't know that.
    thanks as well to Biggerabolone, that's good to know as well. Will look into trusteer.
    I had turned turbo off. It's how I got back onto my banking site. But that did nothing for my gaming. I just gave up and when I can't stand it and feel I 'have' to play.. I use mozilla now. 😞 Least it looks right, is clear, fits in window etc. It's a bummer. Was so excited to see a new version out today. Went to the games to see if it was better. But no go. So I guess I'll just use Opera for surfing etc. I have too many book marks to loose! lol I have to keep it.

  • Let me add to the above by saying.. it's not that I wouldn't appreciate more thoughts or things I could try to get my Opera working like it use to with flash games. I'm all for it. And no one mentioned a tidbit I added in case it was relevant. All videos, games etc.. need me to click them to bring them up. Any video or game starts with gray screen telling me (or maybe asking permission?) to start flash. IT didn't do that before my clean re-install. Just thought I would make sure it didn't get lost in the shuffle in case it was important. If there is no more help or things to try. I understand. It might be so bad I would need an Opera developer to figure me out. And that's not going to happen. lol
    You know, I wonder if it had to do (the lack of change with a clean install I mean) with me trying to save my bookmarks? Maybe one of those files were corrupt or I did that wrong or something. You would think Something would have been different with the reinstall. Well, otehr than having to click to set flash in motion now. Anyway, thanks for any more help. But I understand if you don't have any more suggestions.

  • are you using a flash block extension? or a privacy extension? or ghostery or something?