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  • Hi,

    I'm planning to reinstall a fresh copy of windows to my system. I've lot of stashes(Bookmarks) & i don't know how to back them up & there are lot of articles the i've bookmarked as a screenshot in the middle of the web page. I want to preserve them as they are for the future.

    Any ideas ???

    Thank you in advance

  • Copy the Opera profile folder (you can find its location in the About Opera page) and paste it over your fresh installs profile folder. That should transfer everything. Otherwise you can enable Opera Sync if you just want the plain bookmarks.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the prompt reply, i've version 15 currently installed so if i save profile folder over the current version(27) folder won't there be any conflict ?

  • Stash doesn't exist anymore in Opera 27, you can do it without problems but they'll be converted to bookmarks if you do this.

  • Is the screenshot bookmark still available ?

  • Dear friends,

    Can anyone help me out ?

  • Is the screenshot bookmark still available ?

    What is a screenshot bookmark?

  • Dear friend,

    I'm using opera15 & once i click the heart shaped icon the web page gets bookmarked with a screenshot. I'm new to this forum is there any way to chat among members.

  • Yes, you can. With newer version of Opera when you click the heart icon a small window opens where you can make changes to the bookmark. You can select the image to appear as the icon, select the folder you wish it to be placed in, make it a speed dial entry instead of a bookmark or even remove it, very handy for deleted old bookmarks without having to use the bookmarks manager.

  • Is the screenshot available in the new version, i'm more worried about the screenshot coz i used it to make screens of some articles in the middle of the web page.

  • Read what I said again. I don't see the point in making me say it twice.

  • The screenshot is available but it's about the same size as Speed Dials, they're not extra big like Stash used to be.

    I don't know if the importation from Stash to bookmarks will keep your current screenshots or replace them with new ones.

    I suggest you to keep a copy of your whole profile so you can try it out and if you don't like it you can rollback to at least Opera 24 (I think it's the last version which still has Stash).
    From there on you'd have to decide what to do with your data... Grab an extension or start using a website that mimics the functionality for you... Or something that allows you to update the browser so you're not affected by security and other kinds of issues. You really shouldn't have hold to Opera 15 for that long...