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How to open files directly instead of download?

  • Hi,
    how can I open files directly with windows software (of course via downloading them automatically to a temp-folder in the background), like it is possible in Firefox?
    Right now, Opera 27 offers me only the "save as" dialog (e.g. for .wav files), but it's getting on my nerves that I have to delete the downloaded files manually afterwards all the time!

    Also, it is no use to predetermine what has to happen with a certain extension: I want to decide every time anew, whether I want to save the file (in a different folder each time), or if I want just to open it temporarily to see if it's worth saving it permanently in a non-temp-folder. If I manually select the temp-folder to save it in, and then open it (and for the next file select a totally different folder for permanent saving), it cost's me several mouse-clicks every time, that is just too much wasted lifetime...


  • For now, you can't. Maybe through an extension.

  • Do you know such an extension? I already looked but didn't find one.

    What a shame, once Opera was intuitive and time-saving, I don't understand why they abandoned such basic features!!

  • Read the first thread pinned to the top of the forum and you'll understand. Basically its a long whinefest of a bunch of users complaining about their favorite pet feature thats been changed or removed but you'll get the idea soon enough if you stick to the relevant replies.

  • Do you know such an extension?

    Sorry, don't know any.

  • Is this still not possible. Can you explaint to me why there is no option to open a file directly? Back in the old Opera days this has always been possible. It is so damn annoying to save the file first.