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Security Warning:

  • I am trying to transfer money from Fidelity Investments and am getting a Security warning message that sounds suspicious.

    The warning tab states: The servers certificate chain is incomplete and the signers are not registered.

    The Security tab states: (1) The servers name does not match the certificate's name "". Somebody may be trying to eavesdrop on you.
    Expires 5/22/2013
    Encryption protocol 256 bit AES (DHE_RSA/SHA)

    This does not sound good. I have not contacted Fidelity yet, just want to get some background info before I do. And, as soon as I say I'm using Opera browser, well-you know what they will say. CHANGE YOUR BROWSER.
    BTW, Fidelity is about the largest investment company on the planet and you know they have multitudes of staff working on security all the time.

    What exactly should I tell them?

  • Try it in Chrome. Do you get an error? Tell them. Otherwise they will ignore you. It wasn't long ago that if you used anything but IE they would ignore you. They may be a big company but they still do whatever they can to reduce costs. testing for a browser with such a small market share, Chrome-based, wont pass their bean counters.

  • Why Chrome? Please explain your recommendation. Or did you mean try any other browser?
    What I'm afraid of is that Opera is the only one that detects some kind of fraudulent activity going on so am reluctant to just go to a different browser.

  • The troubling thing about the cert info that you quoted is the 22 May 2013 expiration date, which shows the cert to be expired. The server name of also is flaky, seemingly a default name used for certain situations.

    If you're using an Opera version of 12.17 or below (Presto Opera), it maintains its own cert store, which may now be out of date for some reason or may not match what the site is offering for some reason. Ordinarily, Presto Opera's cert store auto-updates itself from Opera's servers, but if something has blocked that, you may have outdated or revoked certs in the browser's store interfering with your site handshaking. Testing with Chrome, if successful, would at least show that the separate cert store in your operating system (which Chrome uses) was current and an expired, incorrect, or missing cert in Opera was thus the cause. As to why an Opera cert would suddenly be that far out of date or missing is another issue entirely.

  • So, what is a cert store?

  • It's the stored https certificate collection, either a part of certain browser installations or a part of the operating system that is used by other browsers. If part of the browser, the browser maker is responsible for keeping it updated and notifying the browser of any cert revocations; if part of the OS, the OS maker carries that responsibility.

  • Doesn't matter how many times I attempt to change my Homepage This other one takes it's place. It is called There is a gray box and this is what is in it..
    Indefinite Articles
    Stone Magic
    Windward Road Runners
    Android Development
    Where the heck did this come fr4om and how can I get it off my computer?
    I have current firefox browser and windows 10

  • What are you trying to set it to? Not particularly related to the previous posts though, so a new thread would have been better ...