opening new tab when clicking on link

  • One thing I can not find on Opera is a way to open new tab when clicking on a link.
    On most browsers if you click on a link there is an option to make it open in new tab. It seems on Opera you cannot do this, which seems pretty useless. I would have thought this is a basic operation which should be available.

    At the moment every time I have to right click on link for "open in new tab", which is not exactly convenient and very irritating.

    So if there is a way to do it would be grateful for any advice because I cannot seem to find any settings to enable new tabs when clicking on link.

  • Try middle click on the link.

  • Ctrl-click might work...

  • Try middle click on the link.

    Tested millions of times and it works 🙂

  • Ok thanks guys, that middle click works, now just have to change clicking habits 🙂
    Us humans being creatures of habits once we get used to things, always sub consciously use what we normally have to train the brain "Opera is Middle Click !!" 🙂

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