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[Opera 27] No executable file for Opera

  • I downloaded and installed Opera yesterday. The browser is working great so far, however, after finally closing the window I had open, I later went to open the browser again, and found that the shortcut I used wasn't working, and was stating there was no Opera folder in my Program Files folder. I searched around both Program Files and Program Files (x86) and found nothing.

    Curiously, if I search Opera in my start menu search bar, two results come up. One without an icon that starts Opera normally, another with an icon that spits out the same error. Even more curious is that if I pinned the iconless shortcut to my start menu, I received the error again. The only way I was able to start the browser again was to hunt down a random .html file on my computer, and open it.

    Apparently, there is an Opera folder in C:\Users<User>\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable, however no .exe file in there to actually launch the browser.

    Is there something wrong with this? I have yet to find any similar problems, nor solutions.

    Thanks for any help I recieve.

  • Hi, to help you I will need some information from you.

    1. Which type of installation have you chosen in the installer? (All users/Single user)
    2. Did you create the shortcut/pinned Opera by yourself or was it one created by the installer?
    3. What kind of installer did you use (full installer/network installer)
    4. Could you send me the log from the installer? The are located C:\Users<yourusername>\AppData\Local\Temp\Opera Installer
      There are usually three .log text files for each installation. Please send them to me:
      There is no private data there, just in case you wondered 🙂

    Thanks in advance.

    Marcin Mitek
    Desktop QA, Windows
    Opera Software ASA

    1. I was not given the option to choose users with my installation.
    2. No shortcut was created by the installer. I tried pinning the iconless one originally, but nothing resulted from that.
    3. My downloaded installer is called Opera_NI_stable.exe, so I'm assuming Network Installer.
    4. It's been sent.

    I appreciate the help, thanks for your time.

  • You know, if you go to menu > About Opera it will tell you the install path. Mind you, the program you want to run is named "launcher.exe" ...

  • I see, that was it. Strange, it seemed to have installed to a separate drive altogether. As well, launcher doesn't show up in a search either.

    Thanks though, that solved it.

  • That's what I saw in the logs you sent me. And it was a value picked from registry so I have to assume that you previously installed Opera there.

    Anyway 🙂 If you pin the launcher.exe it should be able to pick the version from the installation directory without any problems and shortuct will work.