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  • On a computer running Windows 8.1 with the version of Opera browser: 27.10.1689.69 and with the plug-in Flash Player: (.dll file: NPSWF32-16-0-0-305.dll) last out at Adobe to this day, I find myself with this pop-up:
    or : on another computer

    According to my findings, this pop-up appears only once in the day, after a period of 10-15 minutes of use Opera and seems independent of the site visited.
    The appearance is in the top right corner of the window and is only fleeting. The pop-up disappears by itself after about 15 to 20 seconds.
    I did a scan with AdwCleaner, he found nothing. Blank report.
    Does anyone have an idea where it comes from and how to eliminate it? Is it specific to Opera?
    (Sorry Google translation)

  • Have you checked which version of Flash Player you have installed on your computer? You should have the latest Flash Player version PPAPI installed.

  • Hello,
    Thanks for helping,
    I have just installed(settled) the version Chrome version (external Flash Player Pepper module) PPAPI.
    Download to Adobe : FP 16 for Opera and Chromium - PPAPI
    I shall see tomorrow if pop-up appears again
    (Sorry : translation Google)

  • You can go to opera://plugins and click on Details to see which version(s) of Flash you have. Generally it will list both PPAPI and NPAPI versions, but it will prefer the PPAPI version. Also, will tell you the version number (but not type) that your browser is using if you are not sure.

  • Hi,

    I now have Flash Player the Version :

    File: C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\pepflashplayer32_16_0_0_305.dll

    Type: PPAPI

    Flash Player works