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Latest Upgrade has caused password problems

  • Can somebody advise me please.

    Downloaded latest update of Operate on my laptop (Windows 7), and since then each site I visit has my password already completed. It seems that somehow Opera has remembered my passwords from when I last used those sites. I checked using Chrome and IE and this does not happen. I have never selected the password save option on any site I visit.

    Even worse - I can't even delete the pre-filled options. They just refill automatically.

    I've run SuperAntispyware and all that was found were 5 Adware which I deleted.

    I wish to restore to a couple of days ago using a restore point on 12th, am I safe to do this? I just want the old Opera back but save everything else as it was on 12th.

    I think I really need some urgent assistance so if somebody could please help I would be extremely grateful.


  • Opera probably imported those passwords from your default browser or/and from your Opera Presto installation. Which version of Opera you had before the update?

    I can't even delete the pre-filled options. They just refill automatically.

    OMenu > Settings > Security and Privacy > Manage Saved Passwords.

  • Sorry, don't know what Opera Presto is, and my default browser has always been Opera.

    Thanks for the link, I'll look at that now but is there a way to downgrade? I really don't like the way the main page (where I save all my tabs) looks.

    How do I find what version I have?

    Just looked for the Manage Saved Passwords and I can't see it.

  • One think you can check, paste "opera://flags/#enable-automatic-password-saving" without quotes in opera's address bar. By default this should be set to disable.

    Myself, I did a little experiment. I regularly visit I have the site to keep me logged in when I come back to the website. Now by doing this computing cookies remains on my system. I found out that if I search in opera's 27 password manager for it appears there. I have import all my save passwords from opera 12.17. I have deleted from the password manager. I then went back to computing to log on. The user name and password still wants to appear there. I then found out that the entry that I deleted from the password manager has reappeared for even though I haven't logged on yet. So once again I deleted this entry then I deleted the cookies associated with this web site. I revisited and entered the log on page. Gone is the automatic fill in of the saved information. Once I log on, opera once again offers me that option to save the password for the website.

  • To view you're version click Opera > About. Opera Presto are versions of Opera based on the Presto rendering engine, so 12.17 and earlier. Opera versions 15 and later (including the current) are based on the Blink rendering engine. You can have the older version of Opera and newer versions installed on the system at the same time without problems. They install into different directories by default. To find the password manager open the settings page (Alt+P) and use the search box on the left side. Just type 'password' into it without the quotes.

  • Thank you for your help, can't see About when I left-click on Opera. I have now found the manage my passwords, and every one of my passwords for all my sites is saved, albeit as stars but when I go to a site I just have to hit return and I'm in. On that screen I can't see an option to delete all those passwords.

    I just want to get rid of this version - can I just do the restore - my last "restore point" is 12th February, will that put me back to how it was? Otherwise I'm just going to uninstall Opera (if I can).

  • Sorry, I should have said "right click".

  • You don't right click the Opera menu, you left click it like any other menu. Left click it and look near the bottom, second to last entry should be 'About Opera'. Thats assuming you are using a version of Opera made in the last year or so.

    I don't think if mucking about with the restore points is a good idea just to uninstall a program. In fact, your old version of Opera should still be on your system, unless you removed it. Just uninstall the new version you don't like and keep using the old one. Just remember though, the old version of Opera is dead. It isn't going to be updated anymore. There will be no more security fixes, features or even support of new web standards. There are already several noticeable pages that don't render properly or are forced to use older versions. It will only get worse as time goes on.

  • It's Opera 27.

  • Well, I've managed to get rid of all the saved passwords. Unfortunately it meant having to uninstall Opera and select the option not to save bookmarks, then reinstall Opera again. This means I have to re-save all my bookmarks manually which is very laborious, and I still don't like the new 'improved' speed dial screen! But at least I don't have the worry of my passwords being readily available.

    Thanks for your comments and offers of help.

  • You can use the bookmarks importer to just import bookmarks and not your passwords. You can also enable Opera Sync if you want to link the bookmarks with installs of Opera on other computers. It only works with Opera 27+ though IIRC.

  • at least I don't have the worry of my passwords being readily available.

    You know that this is how all major browsers work nowadays, right?

  • All you had to do was to delete all the saved passwords from opera's password manager then clear all of the cookies. Uninstalling and reinstalling opera was unnecessary. If you would have read my reply in the test I did, you would have saved all this extra work for yourself.

    Edit: Just found out a easier way:
    Read sgunhouse second post. I deleted both the Login Data & Login Data-journal to the recycle bin. Ran opera again and checked the password manager and all the saved passwords were gone. Went to a website, to log off then back on opera will once again give the option to save the password. If yes was the one I select new Login Data & Login Data-journal get recreated anew.