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[Closed by Request]New Opera developer 29

  • The first Opera developer 29.0.1770.1, the change log, and the announcement 😉


    Today’s most visual updates are related to tabs. It is now possible to access your recently visited tabs from other devices (using sync technology) and we have also added sound notification to the tab favicon.

    Sync open tabs between devices

    As the next logical step in syncing, the recent tabs list now includes your other devices. You can just click an entry from another of your computers. Great for picking up where you left off, without the need to bookmark a page.

    On Windows and Linux (non Unity) it is accessible via “Opera menu → Recent tabs“.

    On Mac and Linux (Unity) you can find the list under “History → Recent tabs“.

    Sound notification icon on tabs

    Videos and sound are ever more common on the internet. Although this is generally a good thing, sometimes it can be annoying, especially if one of your background tabs is playing something your don’t want to hear. Via a small animation over the favicon, you can now quickly locate any tab that is making a noise.

    Additionaly, the Chromium has been updated to version 42.0.2287.0.

  • Please fix the address bar, give us an option to disable the annoying auto complete, also bring back drop down button in the address bar.

    1. Opera developer 29.0.1770.1 have a serious bug.

    After clear all history option (all from beginning), Opera crashes and don't start again.
    The option "--no-experiments" doesn't help.
    The only way is complete Opera reinstall... until next history clear. It's terrible.

    Any suggestions?

    1. to leocg [Leonardo Gomes]

    Please, do something with my DISQUS account: "ingviowarr". Seems it was blocked by mistake.
    It was handy to report about Opera bugs through DISQUS and some time ago you answered to me on some questions too.

  • to leocg [Leonardo Gomes]

    Please, do something with my DISQUS account: "ingviowarr". Seems it was blocked by mistake.
    It was handy to report about Opera bugs through DISQUS and some time ago you answered to me on some questions too.

    If you mean that your account is banned on the blog, so there's not much of what I can do as I'm not a mod there.
    But I can ask someone to check.

  • The Video on European Space Agency site
    does not play with new Opera Developer 29.0.1770.1.

    With Opera stable all plays well.

  • I found that this situation caused by GHOSTERY extention.

    The only way is delete "Preferences" file by path:
    C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Developer

    This way you lost all your Extensions installed before and have to reinstall it again, exept GHOSTERY.
    Or complete Opera reinstall...

    GHOSTERY works with Opera Developer 29.0.1770.1 until next history clear ONLY...

    All previous versions of Opera Dev. with GHOSTERY was Ok.

  • DPI detection on Linux seems broken. Opera 28 correctly detected my DPI; with 29, it seems to always choose 96DPI (on my HiDPI laptop.)

    Manually specifying the DPI works fine.

  • New Opera developer 29.0.1773.0, the change log, and the announcement 😉

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • I can confirm HiDPI detection has now been fixed on Linux. Thanks!

  • Please make the user able to change the position of the navigation bar! Some of us want it on the top, others want it on the left or the right, and some of us want it on the bottom. I see it this way: When the position is locked to only one side, which is how it is now, only 25% of the users benefits. This is really a feature that the user should be able to customize.

  • Opera has been updated to v29.0.1773.0. And now everithing is OK with GHOSTERY. Thanks to developers 🙂

  • New Opera developer 29.0.1778.0, the change log, and the announcement 😉

    "Today we updated Opera developer to 29.0.1778.0. This release is mainly about bug fixes and small improvements. A few common crashes found via our automated crash logging tool have also been resolved.

    One minor, visual change you might notice is to the share dialog, which now better represents the bookmarks you are sharing with others."

    One of new, and interesting flags - opera:flags#extra-mouse-gestures, which enables an extra set of mouse gestures (please note that this is a work in progress) - you can find more info regarding this feature, while reading some of the comments about it on the blog.

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • After automatic updating Opera from 27 to 29 the icons images in the start page are disappeared and instead thumbnails scatches reappeared. (sorry for my english)

    How me return to the previous form (witch experimental start page in Opera developer 27)?

  • Could have the option to synchronize passwords, apps and history. It would be very helpful.

  • Keepass Password manager Autotype doesn't work if Opera Flag #experimental-addressbar is enabled. If disabled, Keepass works well.

  • Kubuntu Linux with V29,

    I reported for V27 that BBC Weather would not save more than one favourite site. That continued up to the present. Google Plus reported a problem accessing the sign-on page for one of its services and suggested deleting cookies. Deleting both the Google cookies and the BBC cookies resolved both problems.

    Bookmarks are now working well. I enabled multiple selections as that was recommended to overcome earlier menu editing problems. The feature of opening in the saved bookmark section makes it easier to drag and drop into sub-folders.

    Bookmarks are now almost as efficient as the old V12 version, but the implementation is much more useful.

    I would still like bookmark subfolders to appear in the 'Add to Bookmarks' pull-down.

    Opera Developer is my 'production' browser. I think it is time to release it into the wild.

  • 29.0.1781.0. SVG-images are not centered.

  • New Opera developer 29.0.1781.0, the change log, and the announcement 😉

    "Today’s update includes a small (but frequently requested) tweak to how we display links to images. Previously they left aligned and now they are centered. So no more turning your head hard left, when viewing images on your wide screen monitor! 😛

    Here is a screen shot to show how “perfectly balanced” the image display now is:

    Images that are too large for the current display will be automatically zoomed down to fit the screen. If you click on the image, the center of zooming will be where your mouse pointer was placed."

    Two new options:

    • "Add a new folder to the current folder" (the button between the "Toggle list view", and the search box),

    • "Move Selected to Trash" (in the context menu, when you hover the mouse over the item).

    Additionally, two flags (work in progress):

    • the opera:flags#trees-in-bookmarks: it started to work in this build,

    • the opera:flags#extension-sidebar: adds a panel to the side of the browser area, usable by extensions.

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • 29.0.1781 FC when u try to download any files!!

  • Would be really nice if you could bring back the old Opera functionality of panning large images by pressing the spacebar.
    Using the scroolbars is really awkward in comparison.