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Deactivate the history in opera 27

  • i used chrome and firefox for years now, but i want to switch to opera.
    i never use my history and i don't want that my browser saves it, because nobody needs those files here.

    how can i deactivate the feature? i only find solution for older opera version which aren't build on chromium.

    i tried to find something in the settings and advanced settings, but i can't find any options to personalize my history.
    it would be enough when the history is deleted when i close the browser.

    sorry for my english

  • Not possible afaik. You will have to use private windows or clear the history constantly.

    Don't know if any extension can do what you want.

  • i don't get it why this isn't in the current version..
    it was possible in the old extended settings.. i could set up that the maximum history entries is 0..

    really weird.

  • Old Opera and new Opera are unrelated from a code perspective. Its kind of like complaining that your old car had curb feelers but that your new, completely unrelated car doesn't. As leocg stated if you use private browsing mode you wont generate a history. Chrome has the --incognito switch that causes the browser to start in 'private' mode. I sure Opera has an equivalent command since they share a code base.

  • Hi @garciasmiles, for that purpose, you can try the "History On/Off" extension.

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