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Opera 27 Flash flag Mimics Flash Player Update Malware

  • I'm so glad I found this thread! I've scanned my laptop so many times for malware, finding nothing. It's a relief to have this popup explained.

    I do have the most up to date version of Flash installed on my computer, but in the Opera settings, it says NPAPI. How do I get the PPAPI version when the Adobe Flash Player website says I already have the most up to date version? And the Flash version I have works just fine in the Opera browser, I just get the popup once a day. Should I download Flash and install it again using the Opera browser this time? And if so, how will that affect the way Flash works in other browsers? Opera is not the default on this computer. DH uses this computer as well and prefers Firefox, so just for ease of use, that is the default browser.

    Or should I just go to the experiments setting in the Opera browser and disable the Flash update notification?

  • Just do a goggle search for the PAPPI download.

  • Just visit Adobe's download page - if you have Windows or OSX. If it says the correct OS and Opera then it should be the correct version. If it's the wrong version, then click on "Need Flash Player for a different computer?" and select the right OS and type.

    If you run Linux or *BSD you will either have to get it from your distro or (if they don't have it) by downloading and installing Chrome. (The Linux I sometimes run - Mageia - doesn't have it.)

  • I too have gotten that stupid popup at the bottom of the page various times prompting me to update Flash Player when I know I have just installed the absolute latest.

    I have always gotten my Flash Player updates from here:

    I would think that should be good enough to keep that annoying popup from popping up. But, apparently not.

  • Indeed it's not, at least at the moment. Over the years, the "official" Flash test and download sites perhaps hold the record for stimulating user confusion, ranking right up there with similar Java sites. Apparently Adobe hasn't fully come to grips yet on their distribution page with the reality that Chrome and Opera need the PAPPI version of Flash plug-in, and that page only offers the NPAPI plug-in version at present for non-IE browsers. Adobe's "getadobe" page, referenced by @sgunhouse, will auto-deduce the version you need, provided you visit the page using the same browser you want the plug-in for. Also, as always, be sure to __un__check the bundled "Optional offer" being continually pushed by the Adobe sites before downloading or installing anything Adobe-related.

  • At the Adobe download page, it does show the Opera browser but there's no indication obvious if you would be getting the PAPPI version of the plugin or not. If you click on "Need Flash player for a different computer", after choosing the operating system, the option comes up to choose PAPPI for Opera or NPAPI for Firefox. What I was wondering is whether or not installing this would have any effect on the installation I have previously done from within the Firefox browser, which still requires NPAPI. (I had never knows there were different versions of Flash, I just assumed the update was global for my entire computer and that separate installations would not be required for each browser.)

  • Installing the PPAPI - or for that matter the version for IE - has no effect on the NPAPI version and vice versa.

  • My problem is that with Dial Up Internet, I can't just go to that website and download PPAPI right then and there. I've always downloaded the 2 Flash Player update setup files over at my sister's house and then brought them over here on my Flash Drive and installed them.

    So, what I need is a place / site whereby I can download the PPAPI setup file onto my Flash Drive ... not straight onto my computer.

  • Covered already - click the link "Need Flash Player for a different computer?"

  • Steve, a while ago I went and tried the process in that link and actually, all it downloads is a 1 Meg Downloader ... not the actual 16 Meg setup file. If and when the setup file were to be downloaded, I don't know if it's going to try and install it on that computer or what. As far as I recall, whenever I've dealt with a Downloader file, the App in question has then been installed on the computer I am using at that time. In those situations I have not been given the option to download the App's setup file to my Flash Drive. Examples of that are Chrome and Autoruns from

    So far it's still looking like not what I need. That still leaves me in the same situation.

  • Hi @suntana, please have a look here 😉

  • Hi @suntana, please have a look here 😉

    Sigh! To reiterate a point I made earlier: "Over the years, the "official" Flash test and download sites perhaps hold the record for stimulating user confusion..." I'm eager for the day when Flash goes to that great bit-graveyard in the sky... its mismanagement and ongoing security instabilities have earned it a rightful place on the trash-heap of digital history. How any trail of software makers can generate such perpetual confusion over the simple downloading of the version necessary for a given browser brand defies understanding. What ever happened to the basic concept of one list of downloadable versions in one universally accessible place? 💣 X/ 😕

  • Thanks for that link, l33t4opera. I gave it a quick try just to see how it would behave and at first glance it appears to be what I need. I copied it and will try it for the full download hopefully soon. I take it it will always provide the absolute latest version?

    Who knows? Curiosity might get the better of me and I might even try downloading it with my Dial Up and my 3rd string computer with Windows 98SE and Opera 9.64 tomorrow. Zoits!

  • Good luck on that one ... recent versions of Flash don't support 98.

  • Oh, I had no plans of installing it in my Windows 98SE computer. I was only going to try downloading it with that computer because it's the only one of my 3 computers running right now. Once my Dell with Windows XP decides to power up, which is around every 3 days, I'll try it in that one.

    I thought I was for sure going to download it on the High Speed Internet at my sister's house this afternoon, but, wouldn't you know it ... their Internet was down. Temporarily denied. I'll eventually get it.

    Anyway, thanks again, guys.

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