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Opera Banking Incompatibility Issues

  • What is the problem of Opera when doing banking? Why the banking websites are not compatible with Opera or what is Opera not supporting that the banks need? Do they feel unsecure over the proxying that Opera is doing with turbo?

    Every time I visit bank of america or chase bank I get "Our site may not work properly for the browser you're using. See recommended browsers."

    Every time I visit chase bank I see "Your browser may not give you the best experience when you're on
    We recommend that you use any of the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Firefox 25 or higher, Safari 6.0 or higher, and Chrome 31 or higher." :jester:

    For both websites Opera is negotiating the highest TLS 1.2 connection, I don't see why they might not be compatible? :awww: All the links and services work correctly for me.

  • It's just their way of saying that there might be problems, now or in the future, because they're not testing against the obscure (and now discontinued) browser known as Opera, with its unique rendering engine and quirks.

  • Try those sites on any browser thats not IE, Chrome or Firefox. Heck, I see people get that message all the time even in Safari and thats got a huge market share compared to Opera and other 'top ten but not top three' browsers. They just don't want to bother with testing all these other browsers when 90% of the market uses the top three.

  • Safari (Windows) wouldn't surprise me, since like Opera it's been dead for years too, but everything else is based on essentially the same two engines (and what IE uses exclusively is a third), so it makes sense from the banks' perspective. Those three engines combined add up to a lot more than 90%, I expect. Opera is the only oddball of the bunch among desktop browsers that are actually known.

  • Can you clarify your situation? What Opera version is giving you that warning message, and are you attempting or planning to attempt an https connection to the banking site via Opera Turbo?

  • Opera uses the Chrome too. Its just that it doesn't identify itself as Chrome. Same with those other browsers. Safari on Mac has the same problem. Regardless of who made the guts if they identify themselves as anything other than IE, Firefox or Chrome you get errors. Browser sniffing. This is partially why versions of Opera from 12 on back could be set to lie to the website about what they really were.

  • Tried it with my bank in the UK - no problem!


  • Opera is supposed to have problems with Yahoo answers. This is false. Opera is supposed to have problems with Banking. This is false. I'm wondering why this stuff is stated?

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