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Opera Mini - Windows Phone - This app is no longer published

  • Hello.

    I now try to install Opera Mini Beta and appear This app is no longer published

    I have the XAP but can't install because the app is removed

    What happened?

    PD: About SDcard downloads, If you move the APP to SDcard, The downloads store on SDcard/WPsystem/AppsData/B3B........./LocalDownloads/
    But you can't browse with file manager without unhide WPsystem folder protection (You can disable protection on WPsystem folder on SDcard with deploying XAP from XDA-developers) and after this, You can move Opera Downloads to another folder outside from WPsystem and view files normally (All steps on phone)

    You can browse file downloaded on SDcard connected to PC but files are encrypted

    For me, I know how avoid bugs on Opera Mini - Beta for normal browsing

    Example, On images displayed big more than screen, You need to put image quality to medium and work well, Images show normally

    Please post again Opera Mini - Beta on Windows Phone Store

    Thank you

  • Dear sir
    pl tell us why opera mini has been removed from store and what is reason that suddenly the app has been removed from store why is that opera beta is removed does opera is launching full version or this application will come back in store pl udate us we need answer pl don't remove application pl tell when this will be back in store
    pl some body help

  • this is very strange that why opera has been removed from windows store will this application will be back in store why suddenly application has been removed does any person co will update us

  • can some body tell will opera will be back in windows store pl tell me from co?

  • Please, there is no need to keep asking it lots of times a day, even more in a weekend. Just ask once and wait for an answer.

    If after some days you don't manage to get an answer then you may "bump"your post. However you need to keep in mind that some questions may never be answered.

    Anyway, my guess is that the beta period has ended,

  • if it was beta period over case it would have been a diff case the co would have announced not withdrawn I hope this much I also get from withdrwal of application but I cant take ur assumptions as u urself also don't know so why u need to be so much viable to make me understand >

  • What? When was Opera available for Windows Phone?

  • if it was beta period over case it would have been a diff case the co would have announced not withdrawn

    Not necessarily. They don't need to explain very thing they do.

    I cant take ur assumptions as u urself also don't know

    Nobody other than Opera people knows.

    o why u need to be so much viable to make me understand >

    Sorry but i really can't get what you are trying to say. Make you understand what?

    I guess i was clear enough: keep posting the same question lots of times a day in different topics is against the forum rules, is annoying, won't make the question to be answered faster and won't help anyone.

    So one more time i will ask you to please stop doing it.

  • we will look in future waiting if some body can give the true news

  • There is a link to manually download Opera Mini on the bottom of the page and it (the link) seems to be working.

  • Opera Mini Browser had been in beta since its release back in September. Over the next three months, the Opera Mini team released numerous updates to the app to improve the experience continually. The last update, however, was at the beginning of December. Now, the app is now longer published (Store link).

    On January 26, the Opera Twitter account did re-affirm their support for Windows Phone when responding to various customers, including:

    " Hey. We are working on improving Opera Mini for Windows Phone. Stay tuned :)"

    We should caution that neither company has publicly commented on the app removal, unlike Chase and Bank of America. This leaves some room for publishing errors, plans for beta update status to full release or more. On the other hand, Windows Phone users have seen a rash of app removals lately, like Urbanspoon, lending credence to the purposeful removal theory.

    We will update this story as new information becomes available.

  • Over the weekend, the Opera Mini browser was found to be removed from the Windows Phone Store, with no official word from the developer. Opera has since clarified the matter, stating that an "unexpected hiccup" caused the issue, and that it is currently working on reinstating a beta version of the browser to the store shortly.

    There is no mention as to why the app was pulled from the store in the first place, but the wording of the tweet indicates that a finished (non-beta) version of the browser is in the pipeline for Windows Phone. We'll let you know as soon as it is available again.