O12 - loading pages from memory, not refreshing

  • In Opera 12 there was a function that when you wanted to move back pages load from memory instead of refreshing. I was used to so much and even today, year after moved to ChrOpera, still trying to use this function, e.g. deleting messages and trying to go back to it when they already gone. I have no idea what is the name of it. Can I enable it on O27?

  • Not possible afaik.

  • The function is in-memory caching.
    But if you want to use Chrome, why not use Chrome, though?

  • Chrome doesn't support it either.

    It's the good ol' HistoryNavigationMode=3 setting, which only old Opera had. I doubt anyone will ever implement it again (it didn't always play nicely with AJAX-style sites and could lead to user confusion if someone wasn't aware of the feature).

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