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  • After my Opera browser updated to 27.0, previously installed extension "Hola" (Free VPN - Secure Browsing - Unrestricted Access) refuses to work correctly. When I try to open page with it, it kinda stucks and shows the indicator of loading for eternity (I suppose so - I just decided not to wait for so long 🙂 ). When I try then to open new page - with or without Hola - it refuses to open as well. Same infinite loading. Closing those stucked tubs does not help at all. Same infinite loading again. In order to make browser work, you'll need to switch Hola off or restart the browser.
    Re-installation of Hola does not help.
    As far as that extension did not changed recently, I suppose, there is something wrong with the new Opera (am I wrong?).
    And as far as I live in country where there are some internet restrictions, I do need that extension to work.
    So... Is there any way to do that?

  • Which country? I read on Slashdot recently that China was specifically blocking VPNs, so if you're in China there won't be anyone that can help ...

  • Not China. Belarus. There are several sites constantly blocked by decision of our government (well, I know 1) and some sites that may be blocked from time to time (political matters). And as far as our country buys most or even all of it's internet traffic from our neighborhood - Russia - we got some of their restrictions as well. So it appears that Hola is quite a useful thing in here. Or was since it refuses to work correctly after browser update.
    So is there any chance to make it work again? Or should I just install another browser and use Hola on it?

  • BTW: as far as we have some problems with google search in our country (from time to time it's search app decides somehow that there are too many search requests from 1 IP and blocks that IP for some time), I used Hola to search without that problems. And now I can't. And that stuff is critical important for me. Damn. I do not want to go to another browser 😞
    Is there possibility to downgrade opera to 26.0?