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How to revert the modern look of speed dial thumbnails?

  • Okay, here's what's crazy. Right now I can create a thumbnail for the Speed dial, by using the heart icon, and setting up a link for the speed dial with it. With the heart icon, you can select thumbnails or those candy colored icons for the Speed Dial (and you have tons of choices). Sounds good. It is very good! I like the freedom of choice the heart icon gives you. You can even have a speed dial with some icons and some thumbnails. And you can select your thumbnails from different pages of the same website (so you can more easily distinguish links within a folder of thumbnails). And this feature was there in version 30, and possibly before. So Opera has been giving every reason to believe that they were going to be giving users a choice between thumbnails and icons for the long term. But what version 31 did is changed upon the update my 80-100 thumbnails on the speed dial (I'm too lazy to count 🙂 to the icons (the "modern" look). Why would Opera give you the ability to create thumbnails as they are currently still doing doing via the heart icon (when you initially set up a speed dial link), but then with this version 31, to take your speed dial entries and change everything from thumbnails (if that's what the user selected) back to the icons. It's very annoying.

    They had to have made a mistake. So maybe they will fix it. One hopes. We'll see. In the meantime, they've left my setup a mess, because I'm not going to spend hours to recreate 80 to 100 speed dial entries so that I get the thumbnail look again (with the thought/fear that when the next update comes along, they'll zap me once more, changing all my selections back to icons). I'll use another browser and from time to time check back to see if this is fixed.

  • tired of your new express what panel removed all possibility of return to the Express icons to thumbnails panel recently did the right in the browser is not added except for the inconveniences for many years enjoyed the OPERA but now it turns into an awkward stuff that can not be adjusted

  • @ssdimm

    Google translate isn't nearly as good as Google claims. Don't use it to make posts on the forum. It just comes out as a line of nonsense.

  • Opera 31.1... all my speed dial icons have reverted back to that god awful text boxes - looks like kindergarten with absolutely no way to know what you have or what you're looking at..
    is there anybody out there knows how to change back?.. (the above opera://flags/#experimental-start-page... no longer exists - I've searched that page up and down and backways and there is no experimental start page...)

    (I'm using chrome more and more... I really like opera - and would have liked to continue using this as my main browser - but I cannot keep coming home - opening my browser and finding my stuff all turned upside down... -
    just let me set it up the way I like it - and leave it alone!.. please!.

    any help to get my good old fashioned "webpage preview" icons back on my speed dial?

  • @asl4u

    Yes. While you can't make it look exactly like the old experimental start page you can get thumbnails and other icons back.

    Also, in the future please actually read the threads before asking the question. IF you had read it you would have gotten the answer and not needed to post.

  • Yes, first with Opera 31, all of your thumbnails are changed to icons. I had tons of them. Then, it gives you the solace of manually jumping through all of those hoops, changing them back. And what happens with the next update? Will we have more of the same-- thumbnails changed to icons, with an option to change them back slowly, arduously, one at a time. I'm sympathetic to concern of @asl4u.

    Also in an earlier version, the speed dial page had dark borders, and was, in my view, much nicer. Opera preserved it as an option for a number of updates at Opera:Flags. Suddenly the ability to use the dark borders was taken away in Opera 31, without an Opera:flags option to preserve the look. Would it have been so terrible to continue giving us this aesthetic option. Now we're stuck with the white borders. No choice! These white borders are more jarring to me, and don't look as good with the Themes I've selected for my Speed Dial as the darker borders.

    I'm fed up with this forced updates, where Opera messes up what was gold, and makes it dross. And particularly with changing all of my thumbnails to icons. Of course, I can change it back -- one at a time. I don't have the time for this, or the inclination to do it, given the "shoved down your throat" white borders, and how Opera can knock everything out (thumbnails back to icons) in the next update. That seems to be the pattern.

    I've been using the FVD Speed Dial with Opera and I like it better. You can set up multiple pages. The thumbnails look great. You can't do a folder of items for a thumbnails position, but with multiple pages (give each page, if you want, its own title/subject area) (not available in the Opera speed dial), you don't need to have the folders. Personally, I think it looks a lot better than the Opera dial. Also, the Opera Speed Dial, when you have a lot in it, loads slowly. This seems faster. In case anyone is unhappy with what Opera has done to its once great Speed Dial, but still wants to use Opera, here's the extension link.


    This looks neat. 2 questions. Is it supposed to replace Opera's built in speeddial or do I always have to click the icon in the upper right? How does import work. I can't seem to find a way to import my current speeddial into FVD. Is that even an option? Thanks.

  • @rif

    You can't import your current speed dial. You just take your time, and set up the links again in FVD. It takes a little fiddling to get the hang of how you can set up new pages, if you want. You can also set up custom art for the Speed Dial, though I like the background that comes with it.

    Now, the way to work the speed dial is to first download it

    and make it active. Then download an extension like Custom New Tab Page,

    That's what I use. Then in the place on options for that extension, there where you set up what page you want the new tab to open at, put in the following without the quotes:

    That's what I use and it opens the FVD Speed Dial every time I click on a new tab.

    Now you can if you want, ALSO have the browser Open then at the start page, by putting in the same insert without the quotes: "chrome-extension://pncpfofkienlinhfknpmgjnjhdoclfhh/newtab.html#" for the start page. Go to Settings (Alt P), and then choose, Open a Specific Page or Set of Pages. For me, I start the browser with the bing opening page, because I like the changing art work there, (every day a new pictures), and just use the FVD Speed Dial for a new tab. You have an option thought. Set up FVD for New Tabs, for the Start, or for both.

    Now you asked: "Is it supposed to replace Opera's built in speeddial or do I always have to click the icon in the upper right?" You don't have to click the icon in the upper right to get the speed dial, if you set it up to get it on a New Tab and/or at the start.

  • Hi everybody
    After reading almost all, I'm a little bit confused.
    I use Opera 31 coming from Opera 12 (that I loved!)
    In my Speed Dial I'd like to have the preview of the webpages and not the text (Metro style, in my opinion orrible). For me images are immediate while text isn't.

    Is it possible to change the configuration or should I install an extension?

    Thanks for helping me.

  • You can change the icon used for the speed dial by opening the webpage who's icon you wish to change and clicking the heart menu to the right of the address bar. From there you can use the arrow buttons on that popup to cycle through a selection of icons. A thumbnail of the entire webpage will always be one of the selections you can make.

    Just a note, it is not a live preview like in Opera 12. So it wont change as time goes on.