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  • Hello, I don't know if it is possible or not, but it would be cool if Opera Mail was available for Ubuntu 😉

  • Opera Mail is basically dead.

  • Oh, really? Why?

  • Oh, really? Why?

    Basically it was born dead. It was a way to give Opera Blink users a mail client.

  • I would really like to have it in Ubuntu.

  • Thank you, leocg, for informing me that Opera Mail isn't alive. I was trying to use it in place of my default mail client in Opera 12. Opera 27 is slower but less misbehaved than 12, so it's set as my default browser. I like Opera Mail better than Thunderbird, but it seems like Opera views Mail the way Microsoft viewed Outlook Express. Sayanora, nice little email program.

  • Opera Mail is basically dead.

    thanks, good to hear someone say it (but sad to hear it). i'm using it and like it best, but am concerned with its continued security (it may not have holes to patch yet, but maybe b/c its dead, no ones been looking at it to see it it does have some??? would you suggest users of opera mail to move to an actively developed program? any chance opera mail could be sold or open sourced (so it could be developed)? or does it carry common code from the old browser that makes this impossible?

  • Since Opera mail was so locked down to begin with (no javascript, plugin content, or external images) it is fairly hard for it to get holes - other than the recent security issues with SSL if you are connecting to a secure server. But even then, you know which servers you're connecting to so should be pretty safe.

    The real problem with Opera Mail is they disabled too many of the keyboard shortcuts. I still use it all the time, but wish they'd repaired some of the shortcuts. Oh, and of course you can't access opera:config so if you want to customize it you have to edit operaprefs.ini in a text editor.

  • Opera Mail is NOT DEAD I use it in windows , this is The Best client for mail ! Its great shame that there is no on Linux and Ubuntu, instead I must use the thunderbird.
    Second thing what happens bad was removing notepad from new opera and there is no possibility directly add the note from opera to forms and etc.