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Opera Mobile 26 Stable & Opera Mobile 27 beta 2 Visual Bug

  • Hi Devs,
    Big fan of the browser since the WinMo days.

    Just wanted to report a potential visual bug that occurs in both the current stable and beta.
    Browsing the 3rd party licenses in settings, press the back button and return to the main Opera screen, you will sometimes see either the top URL bar missing or it will be black for distorted. This is the quickest way to reproduce it though it wasn't the way I discovered it. It's a lot more infrequent, but the way I did see it occur first was:

    1. Open link from any other app (Twitter client etc...) and select Opera to open that link.
    2. View page\video\article - looks all OK.
    3. Press back button when finished viewing and return to previous app.
    4. At some point return to Opera by launching it directly - visual bug is present (infrequently occurs!)

    I mentioned before that it was a potential bug, I say that as I run a Galaxy Note 3 n9005 with an AOSP ROM (SlimKat latest stable v9), but they are quite careful about introducing bugs.

    I've posted a Youtube vid showing it via looking at the 3rd party licenses way:

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  • I've tried to reproduce here on latest Opera 27 beta with no sucess.

  • Ok, it seems that i can reproduce it if the layout is set to "tablet".

  • Ah yes, tablet view. Good to know it can be reproduced.

  • Have you reported it using the "report a problem" (or something like that) option in Opera?

  • Just did it then, thanks for the reminder, but I would have thought these forums would be monitored as they asked for feedback in the beta 2 thread.

  • Whoa, awesome catch @vidwhal appreciate the post here. Found your bug entry ANDEX-19195, have cloned it into our list of bugs for 28. [virtual high-five].

  • No probs! Glad to help.

  • If some tabs are opened and I'm playing around with app layout than only one window will remain opened and all the rest can't be killed. Well, is not exactly a bug but is very 'visual'. 🙂

  • @sagrid I tried to repro this but either I didn't understand what needed to be done or it's device specific. Any chance you can "youtube it" for me?

  • I can't reproduce that either. If the river doesn't flow both ways and I can't say what conditions are the same it seems that was just a glitch for now.

  • Hey @sagrid, managed to reproduce your bug this morning. It was a bit tricky to figure out the exact steps required but I've nailed it down now. Will fix this for 28, thanks for the report.