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Opera Mail: Wrong year for all Thunderbird imported mail

  • Hello,
    I just installed Opera Mail (v1.0 build 1040, Win8.1) and imported my mail from Thunderbird.
    Great feature(!) but all the mail is marked as 2015, including emails that date back to 2008.

    I'm really wanting to ditch buggy Thunderbird, so hopefully there'll be a quick fix for this.

    All the best,

  • Are the dates otherwise correct (month, date, time) or do they all list the time they were imported? If the latter, then you might be better off exporting them from Tbird as a "generic MBOX file" and importing that into Opera mail ... (I can't imagine how the dates could be correct other than the year.)

  • Hi sgunhouse,
    The months, dates & times are all correct, it's just the year, which is all 2015.

    I believe they did import in the correct order, but I wanted to sort in the opposite date direction (newest at bottom), so I clicked the 'Sent' column header and that's when I noticed emails from a long time ago had re-appeared interspersed with current emails. (But it did take me a minute to work out that it wasn't ghosts from the past 😉 )

  • Okay, I'm sorry, I was completely wrong. (mostly wrong)

    It seems that SOME entries acquired the timestamp of the time of import, but not all. In fact, probably not most.

    Terribly sorry for the bum-steer, but there are definitely a few entries are incorrect. Those entries don't appear to have any noticeable corruption when viewed in Thunderbird (i.e. no missing timestamps, garbled display, etc).

    I also can't be sure if any other recent emails have had incorrect timestamps applied to them during import.

  • Just as a test, in Opera Mail, goto "Menu -> settings -> import and export -> import mail -> import generic mbox" and import one Thunderbird's INBOX file for one of Thunderbird's pop accounts into a new account.

    For example, import "C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\Mail\\Inbox" (not Inbox.msf) and see how things come out then.

    You can examine the Inbox file with a text editor to see if the problem messages are missing date headers where Opera when then resort to using the import date and possible generating a date header from that.

    FYI, Opera's "Import from Thunderbird" wizard is kind of screwy, so it's better to just create the pop accounts in Opera and use the generic mbox importer to import the folders (like Inbox) into their corresponding accounts that you already created in Opera.