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Could Java Issues b source of crashes WinXPRO - SP3 previously stable installation 12.17.1863

  • Earlier today my 'old school' Opera 12.17.1863 on my 'old school' DELL XPS-Z PIII @800 MHz, 384 MB PC133 RAM crashed which it normally never does, and searching for troubleshooting/diagnostic trees I found more than two suggesting the simple actions -- in one case I was minimizing a tabbed window, in another I was closing a speed link window I had opened inadvertently, and in third case I was closing a Source Forge page after completing a download.

    Going to the Java site I found three choices - verify version, verify version and uninstall older versions, as well as 'download java versions' -- selecting any one of these three, and I tried all of them caused Opera to not so much "CRASH" as just close the outer/largest window and disappear, with the crash report window appearing only after Opera was restarted. There was no information on any of these three crashes.

    Would anybody suggest tools to use since the limited skill set at the JAVA website isn't enough?

    BTW - malware definitions or antimalware definitions are up to date, at 2015.0119.0449, system was scanned last evening around midnight and again this morning before getting to work without any 'hits'; scanning is a combination of a quick scan and then a portion of entire system, ca. 20%, is scanned each of five weekday nights.

    Tried just turning the whole system off, coming back after lunch, still same result? The older versions of JAVA which had been on the computer were removed with the last major JAVA update sometime late last summer or fall (not sure of date off hand).

    Stymied and perplexed.

  • Java would have no impact on Opera 12.17 unless you had a tab open that contained a Java applet ... you could go to opera:plugins and disable all Java versions and Opera would work on most sites. Hence I don't think Java has anything to do with your crash. I would suggest you start by clearing the cache and restarting Opera.

  • Oracle dropped support for Windows XP since Java 8. That could be related...