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Remove "Add to" thumbnail from speed dial

  • I removed all other speed dial thumbs by clicking on the x in lower right. Worked fine until yesterday. Now a new -- and incredibly ugly -- thumb has appeared. No x. How can I get rid of it?

  • So, you cover your mouse over the thumbnail and no X appears? Might it be a folder? Click it and see if it takes you to another speed dial page with more links inside instead of a webpage. If it does you will have to remove all of those links using the standard method. Once you are down to one link it will replace the folder and you can delete it in the standard way.

  • Oops. I used opera://flags/ to remove the thumbs. Tried again but does not work for "Add to."

  • Thanks, lando242. It does lead to a menu-style page which displays all open tabs and add-ons. However, they are not removable. I will try turning off every tab except, of course, Speed Dial (which does not appear in the page).

  • Hmm. Interesting. Could yoiu take a screenshot of what you are talking about and link it here?

  • You can't remove it atm.

  • Ah, you mean the add a site button. As Leocg said its currently not removable. That was a feature the old Opera had and it has been requested before. I haven't heard of any devs saying no to it and its a fairly small change so it will probably be included in future releases at some point.

  • Thanks, everyone. I keep a serene home page with a nice picture and a Google entry bar. Being elderly and staid in my ways, I have no use for these thumbnails. I use the bookmark bar with several directories, each containing subdirectories, and find it very satisfactory. I never have to open a different page and scan a multitude of thumbnails. Rumor has it that an upcoming version of Opera will offer a bookmark panel. I don't see how that will be an improvement but I look forward to trying it.

    What's left of my memory will not bring back an add a site button, either in Presto or Blink.

    I offer a trick for migrating bookmarks bar from Opera to Chrome. Open each browser and size them to reveal only the title, including the bookmarks bar. Then drag each bookmark from one to the other. If you have subdirectory bookmarks this is quick and easy.