Reuse tabs and Advanced Preferences

  • Old time Opera user (1995 onwards) returning to Mac 26.0 after several years with Safari. Would be grateful for a steer to:

    1. Advanced preferences. Google says 'go to Preferences > Advanced'. Assume that's Windows. Not there on Mac version. Have the show advanced checkbox under Preferences > Browser ticked but makes only slight differences to the existing options prefs. screens - all three of them!

    2. And the reason for asking about advanced preferences - where's the option to reuse tabs rather than open a new one every time?

    Many thanks - GeoffT.

  • Advanced Preferences was something in Presto (Opera 12 and earlier). Opera 26 shouldn't open new tabs "every time" - only on certain links. But there is probably an extension available to change that ...

  • Thanks for the comments. Looks like Opera might not be for me any more. When I start to see 'Solutions' on the home page and there's no longer a link to Support or Community or Blog I get a strong smell of the corporate...

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