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  • Hello, If anyone could help me, Just updated from 12.17, and i used to use this feature, i now notice annoyingly it has been removed from the right click on webpages.

    can i get this back somehow? is it still there and needs to be enabled?

    if not is there a plugin or extension? that can act in the same way?

    i would appreciate any help


  • Opera Blink (Opera 15+) does not have notes. There are some extensions that gives a similar feature, just take a look at the addons page.

  • I can't believe Notes is gone. It was the main reason I used Opera. You'll have to show me where these extensions are that give a similar feature because I can't find them. I can probably find them easier in Chrome however.

  • is the place you go to download extensions and such for Opera. By searching for "notes" in the I was able to find several extensions that might have the features you are looking for. I never used the notes feature in the old Opera so I don't know which ones would do what you're looking for. I have used Google Keep on my phone though and I like it.

    Heres the results page I got. The first half dozen or so seem the most promising.

  • Thanks again leocg, i will check the addons,

    kind regards

  • edit, i can not find something which is as simple and as basic as copy to note, if anyone has any suggestions?

  • I used to use this feature alot in O12.17, until it bothered me that I would have to re-transfer everything when I move to another OS, browser, or computer. I've kept all my notes in Notepad ever since...

  • I agree, ceet12, those note add-ons are nothing like Opera's copy to note, not to mention some of them don't work at all for whatever purpose they were intended. Just because an add-on has "note" in the name doesn't mean it functions the same way as the old copy to note feature. If I wanted to use something like Google Keep, I would just use Chrome and I wouldn't need Opera. I use Firefox, Chrome and Safari already. If the notes function is gone, then I can just uninstall Opera and I won't lose anything.

    And I also agree with you 100%, ceet12, in your use of the word "annoyingly" in your original post. On the Opera Help page it said: "During your upgrade, Opera 15 condensed your notes into an .html file, and saved them to your computer. Look for a file called Opera 12 Notes.html on your computer's desktop." I found that html file, but there was nothing in it. That was annoying. Luckily I found my notes at but they aren't on my computer, as I have to sign in to Opera to access them instead.

    In addition to "annoyingly," I would also use "sadly," because that's how I feel about losing this feature. I used to brag to my co-workers about how well Opera notes worked and how there wasn't another browser that had anything as fast and simple. Now it's gone without any warning or explanation, and we're plainly told it's not coming back. I guess there weren't that many people using the feature, judging from the half-hearted advice on where to find some similar app, coming from people who admittedly never used the function in the first place.

  • I've been wondering wtf happened to my sidebar with my note pad that i can easily drop links with notes attached to it. I've gone through all the add-on and they are all trash compared to Opera's notes... Just took over an hour attaching all my links and changing the titles of my old note links to shitty bookmarks with poorly made navigation. As well as i can't change my shortcuts or such. This is what made Opera > EVERY browser. Sad days... RIP Original Opera.. You will be missed.