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Starting a search with a single letter changes the search engine. Can this be disabled?

  • Hi, I ran into an annoying issue when trying to use google to search for the user manual for a piece of equipment called a "D Two". When I type the letter "d" on it's own at the start of the search the search engine automatically changes to DuckDuckGo.

    I can see how that could be a handy feature to change engines quickly, but it seems a bit short sighted to use the content of the search query as an instruction to the browser without thinking that it would cause an issue.

    I can't find the button to disable this feature, but that may just be me looking in the wrong place.



  • If you put it in quotes, even if its just the letter D it will use your default search engine. That said, if you when to edit your search engines try going into options and looking for the "Manage Search Engines" button. If you can't do what you want from there you can manually remove all built in search engines by opening the "default_partner_content.json" file in one of the folders in Opera directory and removing all but the one you want, which I assume is Google.

  • Thanks very much, I'll try that when I'm back on that machine. There wasn't an option to remove anything in the "Manage search engines" menu, only to add.



  • Ah, then you will have to edit that .json file I mentioned. What I did was just delete all the entries that weren't Google. That freed up all the letter except G. My intent was that I could reuse the letter with other search engines, because who the heck uses Yahoo more than Youtube these days?

  • Or of course, you could include the letter for your desired search engine first (as in, "g D two" for Google).