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How can I avoid having bookmarks as icons?

  • I am using Opera 12.17. Recently when it fell over I got a message advising me to upgrade. I did so and the new version had bookmarks as icons with 6 to a screen instead of about 50 in Opera 12.17. Fortunately the old version of Opera was still there, and I have gone on using that.

    The way it handles bookmarks is one of old Opera's big pluses. I like the fact that I can put them in a tab, and they display in folders and subfolders, and can be searched.

    I have now received the option to upgrade to the latest version. If I upgrade can I have bookmarks as they are in old Opera (no icons, in a tab or sidebar, folders & subfolders, searchable)?

    Thank you.

  • I was wondering this too. I use sub folders extensively. I installed the new Opera and was disappointed to find that the bookmark structure has been changed in a way that appears to have done away with sub folders. I have hundreds of pages bookmarked and a single folder with thumbnails is just NOT a good way to deal with them. Nor is having 100+ folders in the side bar. In fact I typically used the "mange bookmarks" screen as my speed dial page and it was perfect. I could not find anyway to create a sub folder in the new version. Nor could I find a screen that was the equivalent to the "mange bookmarks" screen from 12.17. So for now I've reverted back to 12.17.

  • You both appear to be well behind the times. Speed dial has one level of folders (I prefer to think of them as groups to avoid confusion) but can be configured for number of columns (if you enable Advanced settings). Bookmarks ... you can currently only create new folders at the root level, but once created you can drag them into another folder (and the part about not being able to create folders inside other folders is already fixed in the test versions). When in icon view there are only about 6 visible at a time, but you can click the button at the top left of the icon panel to switch to a list view. That list view is not as compact as it was in 12.xx, but I can see 14-15 at a time on my screen.

    My real complaint is the left hand panel only shows top-level folders, even if you have 3 levels of folders, and of course 14-15 at a time still isn't really all that many.

  • Well aware of the ability to make folders boss, but its not the same as the old version, its more complicated and time consuming for example like you said only top level folders show.

  • If you would like a simpler bookmarks system try Opera version 15. It has no bookmarks at all. They only re-added bookmarks a few versions ago and its still a work in progress. Its chugging along though and we should see a full featured implimention in another version or two.

  • So like so many other programs, it's been "improved" to be less intuitive and to have less features and functionality? I tried dragging a new folder into another folder and it would not allow it. And a version of a browser that doesn't have book marks? Are you kidding me? Who approved THAT, and are they still employed at Opera? Speed dial is a great top 10 list, but is not, nor has it ever been, a suitable replacement for a full set of bookmarks. I think trying to use it that way is a miss application of the concept. And if I have to spend time looking for and installing extensions and plug ins for what has been basic browser functionality since the 90's, well, that counts as a FAIL in the design area as far as I'm concerned. Kinda like buying a brand new car only to find out that I need to go get an instrument cluster, brakes, and a radiator from a 3rd party vendor. I'll just go buy car that is finished being built at the factory. I'm not overly excited about Firefox, but at least it's mostly all there when the install is finished. Never liked Chrome, and have no interest in using it. HUGE step backwards for Opera as far as I'm concerned. Can't begin to imagine the development meeting where someone said "let's toss out the previous years work making an excellent browser and put out something that barely functions." and then everyone else thinking that was a great idea. Makes me sad.

  • Why is it that so many of the people that come here to complain seem to be incapable of listening to what anyone else tells them? I understand that you are upset that the browser isn't perfect in your eyes but why should we bother reading your giant block of ranting when you wont even bother to read our much shorter explanations and responses?

  • I love Opera for the speed

    I love opera for the bookmarks - major feature!

    Loved Opera for years

    Dare not upgrade as from what I see here - still problems....

    But I appreciate that the team is working hard to resolve the issues

    I think we should be grateful that the development team is taking notice of what we say ...... I am sure its difficult as its a brand new product (based on chrome) and with the many and varied websites in the world it must be a real challenge to get it right - even for some of the people, some of the time

    Keep up the good work guys.... your efforts are much appreciated!


  • but yes the icons are too big - can only get 6 on a screen

    But am impressed that I can now find the old layout of bookmarks (4th down on corner opera click) so at least I can see them as I imported from Opera 12

    They are all sorted wrong (sorted by last used I think) Cant find the "manage bookmark" bit to sort them out?

    Any body seen it?


  • Why is it that so many of the people that come here to complain seem to be incapable of listening to what anyone else tells them?

    Because those "anyone else" only using two bookmarks - "youtube" and "facebook". Of course, they fit nicely into "start screen".

    Now, try to actually start working with the browser. Do it for 15-20 years. Accumulate a mass of bookmarks to different sites of professional, corporate and personal interest. Then try to fit them into "multiple columns" of the start screen.

    Every time someone come to me complaining that "Opera do not work", I ask them for exact version. When they say "18" or something similar, they get a plain answer "That's chrome, not opera. Last Opera version is 12.17".

    Because it is true. There's no difference to tell them apart. There's just nothing "Opera" in last opera.

  • I've been using Opera since version 9 or thereabouts, which puts me at using it for about 9 years. I have several hundred bookmarks and several dozen entries in my speed dial. I have upwards of 400 bookmarks in one folder, which doesn't even count all my other bookmarks I've got in other. Some of these bookmarks date back to the mid 90's when I was still using Internet Explorer and Netscape was the only alternative. They have been copied, saved, exported and imported more times than Larry Kings been married. But enough with the pissing contest.

    I recommend you use the speed dial for what it is, a speed dial. Its not a bookmarks storage area. Its for the links you need to open right after opening a web browser but don't want opened every single time by using the 'continue where I left off' option. Thats what the bookmarks bar, bookmarks menu and bookmarks window are for. I also recommend you play around with the zoom feature. It works on both the bookmarks page and the speed dial page. Have a really large monitor also helps and they are priced very reasonably these days.

    That said, if you would read what others have written before you would know that bookmarks are still a work in progress. They were only re-added to Opera a few versions ago. They are still being improved. I'm up in the dev channel release and the different between 26 and 28 is noticeable when it comes to bookmarks. If you've been using Opera for 20 years then you can cool your jets for a few more months while they keep hammering out the slag.

  • I recommend you use the speed dial for what it is, a speed dial. Its not a bookmarks storage area.

    Your words, and in the devs' ears…

    Its for the links you need to open right after opening a web browser but don't want opened every single time by using the 'continue where I left off' option.

    They serve different purposes. Entirely different. Pages opened where I left them last time are the ones I work with and want to keep working. GitHub issue trackers, WoWHead wishlists, corporate Wiki.

    The speed Dial is for sites i visit often. The key word is "visit" as opposed to "work with". Different forums or links to normative references… I open the site, check for new messages or for relevant norms, and close it as it do not have anything left for me to keep it open any longer.